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  1. Nate3268

    At which price will petrol be uneconomical for you?

    Have never tried that, hows the taste.
  2. Nate3268

    At which price will petrol be uneconomical for you?

    Lets leave the petrol a 2L Coke @ R22.99 WTF
  3. Nate3268

    When will load shedding end? Gordhan isn’t quite sure

    Probably referring to Nkandla. Wonder what ever happened to that **** he was supposed to pay for.
  4. Nate3268

    Discovery explains why your medical aid price hikes are so high

    NHI is going to bend you over and spank the **** outa you.
  5. Nate3268

    Samsung Galaxy S10

    This kak happened to me, will not go down that road again.
  6. Nate3268

    Samsung Galaxy S10

  7. Nate3268

    Kitchen Remodel

    Tydanis Total Design - 081 524 1823 They do the work for Spar.
  8. Nate3268

    Afrihost Cancellation Fee.

    Afrifail at it again.
  9. Nate3268

    [11/03/19] Power Alert: Rotational Loadshedding on High Alert

    Switch off Soweto and the rest that don't pay. Fokken idiots.
  10. Nate3268

    Fake SAA pilot flew under radar

    Fake Pilot or Fake Taxi?
  11. Nate3268

    Cream soda recipe change due to sugar tax

    Cream Soda tastes terrible as of late.
  12. Nate3268

    Can't see other computers on Network - Windows 10

    Does all the pc's have passwords? reason being i had the same issue until I enabled passwords on all the PC's and was able to see the network pc's and enter the username and password(once off) to access them. Weird ****.
  13. Nate3268

    Wanted Laptop Hard drive

    Second hand laptop hard drive, 500gb sata connection Please PM with prices. Pref in the Gauteng, East Rand area. Budget around R300
  14. Nate3268

    Wanted Core i7 Desktop

    Core i7 Desktop any generation is fine except 1 and 2. 16gb memory pref in Gauteng, east rand areas. Please PM with prices
  15. Nate3268

    Control Lights at Home with a smartphone

    Good day all, as the heading states, can anyone assist or direct in the right direction to setup and control lights at home using a smartphone and an app.
  16. Nate3268

    Hi please help my opel corsa lite

    Damn sun, causing lot kak for you.
  17. Nate3268

    Watch: Man critical after BMW smashes into lane divider in Cape Town

    So out of curiosity, has his insurance company declined his vehicle and disability claim?
  18. Nate3268

    A most puzzling PC issue

    We had a blown transformer some time back and when power was restored , most of the equipment at home didnt run so lekker. Power went off again and they replaced some **** and everything was back to normal. Not sure if it might be what you experiencing, especially with the microwave not so...