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  1. IamIvanPta

    website for sale, any takers?

    I have noticed that is for sale on bidorbuy. Just thought it might be worth taking a look. The new site for the ANC is , but what about tomorrow? cheers, ivan
  2. IamIvanPta

    Nedbank No Longer Allow Payments To Luno Wallets

    Nedbank refuses to transfer fund from my nedbank account to Luno. It is not an "APPROVED BENEFICIARY" ???! @Luno , guys , whats happening?
  3. IamIvanPta

    VODACOM4 ISO Standby: What does this mean?!?

    Hi Guys, jst got an sms from: VODACOM4 ISO Standby: 082xxxxxxxx@ctpcellsys01.cell is now on standby. please contact ISOC on 021 440 8932 for any queries. ISO Standby Roster: http://psis101zatcwi.vodacom.corp/ What the heck does this mean??? I didnt click on anything, caution of RAT. But does...
  4. IamIvanPta

    can I trace the history location of an IMEI number ??? Is it even possible?

    Are you able to trace IMEI Number location history ? If so , HOW ? (ALL HATS WELCOME)
  5. IamIvanPta

    Looking for Database developer : small project, pay neg.

    I will share the specs of what i need in the database. Imagine a local crime database. Small, easy to use and effective. Simple to use. Small local database on a pc. We can discuss development rates. Please i am not a millionaire , i am doing this for a community project. We can discuss pay...