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    How do we get the government to ban Tiktok in SA?

    This app is nothing more than a Chinese data collection service and spies on minors. The app permissions alone should be worrying enough as a "social media video sharing app" India made the right move
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    Does anyone know how much it would cost to cancel my 10mbps and landline contract?

    I've been trying to cancel my account and I cant wait for the 30 days and pay them for a service I'm not going to use We have an LTE sim card that is used to connect to the network
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    How do you think the impact of COVID-19 affects the South African Music industry?

    As a musician all my year plans have been thrown out the window and with major venues shutting down and festivals being closed or postponed, the mid term outlook looks grim but I'd like to get your views on it. Are you a musician or creative in the industry? How have you been impacted and how...
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    Finally cutting the Telkom cord any recommendations on fiber providers?

    Someone recommended me MTN Supersonic 10mbps up and down for R659. We are a home and use the internet for everything and often go over our 150GB softcap. I want to know is there any other packages I can look into that are affordable? We stream a lot, fiber is in my area.
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    Opel Corsa Reverse not fully engaging after replacing clutch cable

    Hi guys So I replaced the clutch cable on my corsa Bakkie 1.4 recently and now have the problem of the reverse gear not engaging without grinding the gears. The corsa has a pull tab mechanism to engage reverse and when i try to put it into reverse the gears grind so what I've been doing is...
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    How do I replace the clutch cable on my Corsa Ute(bakkie) by myself?

    Cable broke today, Im aware its a common problem. I would like to do it myself to save where I can, could anyone give me some instructions on how to replace it? Thanks
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    Removal of copper lines and replacement with LTE routers, the hell Telkom?!

    So i just got a call from Telkom about them removing the ADSL copper lines in my area and giving us LTE routers in the meantime until they can install fiber but the thing is that in my landline will have to go through that LTE router until they can install fiber, and what about blackouts? These...
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    Problem with Corsa Utility bakkie gear selector

    Hi guys, first time poster My corsa bakkie 1.4 2001 developed an issue two days ago where at first it would struggle to get into first gear ( wouldn't engage and would not deliver power unless i put it into the reverse position by lifting up the tab) and now is stuck in reverse with the gear...