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    5 most-expensive options you can put on a VW Polo

    I got ALL the extras for free on my last car, because I played hard to get. About R50k worth. Edit: R43k to be exact after thinking back on it.
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    Pack your bags and go: Carl Niehaus fired from the ANC

    Can't believe I missed this bit of news. " The short notice of a mere two and a half hours to provide reasons why I should not be dismissed summarily is draconian, and most unreasonable. " Boohoo! :love:
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    HIV is making coronavirus variants more likely in South Africa

    Now imagine the bill for the chronic HIV treatment medication of 8.2 million people.
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    Information Regulator hit by ‘ransomware attack’

    So looking forward to that planned ID update, and personal detail verification system -_- /s
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    South African passive income arbitrage at a yearly high

    You can bet on it. With that kind of returns, "guaranteed", why would you need clients/investors? It's something like 860% a year "guaranteed". Why would they need to share that as a service? The only reason would be that they need more clients to guarantee the returns - i.e. Ponzi
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    US Politics : Biden 100 days edition

    Just want to say that it's more like 239 days now.
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    Should transgender athletes compete as their gender identity dictates?

    I think wading into the mental side of things is going off the reservation.
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    Ivermectin: balance of evidence shows no benefit against Covid-19

    Why leave it up to chance?.. ...when you can double down on protection?
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    Ivermectin: balance of evidence shows no benefit against Covid-19

    I want to propose Mercurochrome. Back in the day that fixed anything and everything. Scrape your knee - Mercurochrome. Tear an ear off - Mercurochrome. Get hit by lightning - Mercurochrome. Worth a shot? lol
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    Should transgender athletes compete as their gender identity dictates?

    In matters of fairness alone, in less physical sports where women are not at risk of undue physical harm, or having to try and compete with a handful of testosterone stars - I can't see an issue with letting anybody give it a go. Of course if women want their own e-Sports divisions then I have...
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    Should transgender athletes compete as their gender identity dictates?

    Honestly, since there are weight categories for heavy, medium, light fighters already, I don't see the issue with more categories. Imagine featherweights had to duke it out with the beef cakes in the heavyweight division! On the other hand. Gender/Weight/hormonal divisions in a sports like...
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    Transgender MMA Fighter Breaks Skull of Her Female Opponent

    Testosterone leads to stronger bones, more muscle mass (men have on average 75% more muscle mass than women), and stronger muscles by mass (men have on average 90% more muscle strength than women). Add to that increased aggression, which is most definitely a factor in contact sports. Above and...
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    JUST IN | Arthur Fraser admits board did not approve medical parole for Zuma

    Those who govern should know that it is their choice whether people simply dislike them for taking their taxes, or actively loath them with a passion, i.e. hate and despise them for being either complicit in eternally mocking the South African people as a whole, or negligent in preventing...
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    International COVID-19 Updates & Discussion 3

    Many people do not seem to understand that to be in the type of society they want to be in - They themselves have to be the type of person who can be a part of that society. It's almost as if they think a society is not made up of individuals who are part of that society. For example on this...
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    WHO says Covid will mutate like the flu and is likely here to stay

    WHO says virus will mutate like the Flu. (what follows...) Am I reading right? That some now think that the WHO said the virus IS the flu, because they said the virus will MUTATE LIKE the flu? ... ... What is a brain even? I don't know if I should laugh or cry. I know these same people...
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    What is the perfect salary to be happy?

    As long as you are in a reasonably stable, but steadily growing economy, with simple bureaucracy and low corruption - You don't actually need that much. If you have those - Anybody can reasonably expect to find a way to live better tomorrow, than they did today. Even into retirement and old age.
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    Women tourists accuse a Hermanus surf school and guesthouse owner of rape and sexual harassment

    You do understand that if an investigation and the courts finds the defendant innocent, then what you are doing is not something you would want people to do to you right? Who knows? We can speculate about the guys guilt. Two separate women fairly far removed from each other it seems, have come...
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    The garage pie is making a comeback – and it’s much bigger

    This is NOT good news. Not at all. The quality of these things have gone down tremendously. To the point where you can now call them sadness in a wax paper bag. If they are showing strong results, then it is probably because they finally managed to exorcise the last bits of actual meat from...