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    HUAWEI 5G CPE Pro H112-372 5G Router

    Item name: HUAWEI 5G CPE Pro H112-372: Balong 5000 Age and condition: a few days old, Box was opened to view contents and test router on Rain network Packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes with Manufacturer Reason for selling: Not using Rain Price: R2800 Negotiable: Yes, within reason. Location: Durban...
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    2020 TakeAlot Voucher Code Thread

    Wonder how the previous thread got locked.. Anyway get your holiday groove on and post a working takealot code here..
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    Telkom contract price increases

    Hey guys have your'll noticed telkoms increased prices on contract for mobile devices. Since last month their prices have increased by R50 on almost all low to mid range phones.. Are they bringing their prices in line with Vodacom / MTN And my contract is up for renewal from next month...
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    2019 Takealot Thread (Only 4 Beggers)

    Hey People as the thread states, NO BEGGING.. Please post when you have a code to share. I will update when i have 1 as well Cheers
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    Targus Backpack warranty

    Hi Does anyone know where i can take a Targus backpack for warranty claim in Durban area? The bag seams are opening up and need to get this sorted Thanks
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    Netflix on telkom LTE (Uncapped) after 6PM

    Hey guys Anyone notice the deterioration in picture/sound quality on netflix after 6pm?? Service goes from 4k/Full hd to 240p viewing. Resetting my router doesnt fix the issue.. changing APN to unrestricted/internet/telkominternet/telkommobile does nothing to resolve. quality pics up from 10pm...
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    Axxess 4mb Uncapped account disconnections

    Hi all Im having a problem since i purchased my axxess account since this month (Bought the special), my account continually disconnects after every hour. I have checked my setting on my router and everythings configured properly. Also i used another uncapped account and everything works...