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    Magashule v. Ramaphosa: Lines Drawn | Carte Blanche

    Q: "Where does this leave the ANC?" (for real? they're worried about the ANC? Not... maybe the future of the country?)
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    WATCH | Armed thieves rob woman in front of child at Pretoria daycare The robbery is not exactly noteworthy anymore, but the guy just casually kicks the woman in her stomach. With a small girl watching. Really makes me want to chuck...
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    Where to affordably replace or repair a KIA key-transponder

    Hi there I'm trying to locate a good place for my dad to replace/repair a KIA key. Trying to help the old guy save some bucks. Sadly range is limited to Goodwood/Maitland and surroundings. Any advice?
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    Jacob Zuma's daughter Thuthukile among 7 NYDA board candidates Seems like a bit of a downgrade after being deployed as the Chief of Staff of the Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services right after finishing uni :cautious:
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    'I wrote the resolution': ANC economic policy head denies call to change SARB mandate According to to this News24 Ace Magashule has tweeted the actual resolution to clear up any misunderstandings. The parts I don't understand is why he said something...