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  1. duderoo

    Octotel / CISP Price increase

    How can a 15% price increase be justified these days for the 10/5 to a 15/15 move?
  2. duderoo

    Neotel is in Cape Town already.

    We have just got a Neotel engineer here at the moment with the telephone carrying it around and he is busy testing it out. I asked him where is it available and he said in the CBD, Durbanville and Bellville. There may be other areas but I did not ask. App the number range begins with a 8XX...
  3. duderoo

    Folder permissions.

    I have some folder like Folder > Folder > Folder > Users > User I have managed to sort out the ALL access for users that can see from the Bold folder all the way down. How do I go and make it so that the users can only see there respective folders. I am sure a List rights needs to be...