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    How to get hold of an actual person at Luno

    Ok, so I've got a ticket open, and got a generic response on it, but not at all did they address the issue I have. How do I go about speaking to a person @ Luno?
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    South Africa’s super rich lose R14 billion in latest coronavirus market panic

    One advantage of not having any money at all, 90% loss of R0 remains R0. 99% of us are safe from this
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    WATCH | PE student bust for reckless driving after video of rental car goes viral

    jeez dude, haven't been on mybb in a long time, and you still trolling
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    Can Smith, Boucher and Kallis pull the Proteas out of the Doldrums?

    Boucher has coached the Titans and has had success with them. "When he was appointed as the Titans coach in August 2016, it was his first full-time coaching appointment, but the same feistiness and competitiveness Boucher displayed as a player has rubbed off on the franchise team, while he has...
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    R499 | Windows 10 Pro + Office 2019 Professional

    How do I buy from you? Sounds like a good combo!
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    If you had R3mil available - what would you do?

    It's nice to dream sometimes, so I'm interested in hearing what kind of business would you start tomorrow if you had R3mil lying around, and following up from that, how much would it cost to start your ideal business and what would it be?
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    Best gap cover for discovery keycare

    As per the title, what is the recommended gap cover for Discovery keycare? I see discovery does not provide gap cover. It used to be ok for me and the wife, but with a little one on the way, I would like to get gap cover for all the other things, or would it be better to go to a different plan...
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    Super Rugby 2017

    As a proud bulls supporter, I can think of a better team to win it, than the Lions. Will be supporting the lions like their my own team this weekend. Screw the crusaders
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    Heyneke Meyer quits as Bok coach

    Case Closed ? Ok here's a scenario, 2 rookie racing car driver are on their first ever race Rookie Number 1 get a Buggati Veyron and Rookie number 2 gets VW golf 1.4i Will you determine their skill as racing driver simply by results of races in which they competed against one another ?
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    Heyneke Meyer quits as Bok coach

    Hehe, i think it sweet that you are so naive as to how sports in south africa works. The next coach should pick 15 ''players-of-colour'' [hate that ****ing word], it would not matter if this coach loses every single game up to the end of the next world cup, our politicians will label him a...
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    Heyneke Meyer quits as Bok coach

    Why ? of all the teams that faced NZ, we looked the best by far, and got the closest to beating them
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    Jean de Villiers comeback

    I'm genuinely asking, as I haven't really seen this Harold guy play, but couldn't it be a case of first season burst out ? We've seen many players have a fantastic 1st season, and then fade away?
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    Top 10 Most disturbing quotes by ANC leaders

    Just stumbled across this article, and it is quite shocking: Much more "gems" like these
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    iPhone 5 rumour season upon us ...

    So someone will soon "forget" a prototype in a "bar" somewhere....
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    So it will stop on July 14th ?
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    Southern Kings confirmed in Vodacom Super Rugby

    well, at least we'll now have 2 easy pics for Superbru on a weekend Spears to lose by XX Lions to lose XX Done.
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    Please recommend IP Wireless security cameras

    I'm looking for IP wireless security cameras, that i can use at home. as i live in complex, i recently got a Jack Russell, but my gate is where a lot of traffic [cars and pedestrians] go past, and lately i've noticed that my dog is UNBELIEVEBLY scared of going close to that gate. Ive also found...
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    The next Springbok Coach

    Yeah, Alistair "no cups" Coetzee sure is the right way to go how bout this time round, we actually pick the most qualified, and best person for the job... lets try that for a change
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    Official 2011 Rugby World Cup Thread

    it's all about the benjamins....