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    How to get hold of an actual person at Luno

    Ok, so I've got a ticket open, and got a generic response on it, but not at all did they address the issue I have. How do I go about speaking to a person @ Luno?
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    If you had R3mil available - what would you do?

    It's nice to dream sometimes, so I'm interested in hearing what kind of business would you start tomorrow if you had R3mil lying around, and following up from that, how much would it cost to start your ideal business and what would it be?
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    Best gap cover for discovery keycare

    As per the title, what is the recommended gap cover for Discovery keycare? I see discovery does not provide gap cover. It used to be ok for me and the wife, but with a little one on the way, I would like to get gap cover for all the other things, or would it be better to go to a different plan...
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    Top 10 Most disturbing quotes by ANC leaders

    Just stumbled across this article, and it is quite shocking: Much more "gems" like these
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    Please recommend IP Wireless security cameras

    I'm looking for IP wireless security cameras, that i can use at home. as i live in complex, i recently got a Jack Russell, but my gate is where a lot of traffic [cars and pedestrians] go past, and lately i've noticed that my dog is UNBELIEVEBLY scared of going close to that gate. Ive also found...
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    PS 3 Tags

    Hi Guys I can't find a list, but lets get some tags, as i liked to play footie etc online: Mine: Bizkit87 - Blueman87
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    Gauteng Toll Fees - What can we do?

    Born from this thread lets start coming up with ideas about what we can do, and who we can involve. I think [before the NHI kicks in], we need to show these lazy incompetent people we have to call our "leaders" that we've now reached a point where enough is enough. What can we do: * We can...
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    CPA - New car purchase

    Hi there My friend recently purchased a new bakkie [01 July 2011]. So he's had it for 14 days. Yesterday on the highway, the right front wheel bearing seized, causing the front wheel to lock up [@ +- 90km/h]. In terms of the new CPA, can he tell the garage to replace his car, no questions...
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    HTC Desire Z - Which network/contract? experiences?

    as per title I've read a few reviews, and the HTC Desire Z sounds like a good phone, and it might be time for me to experiment with a new phone. So if you have this phone... any complaints?comments? and if i want to take it, on which network will it be best? my contract has expired, and is...
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    Horrible Cell C ping/response

    This is what i receive [not just today, almost most days] :mad: This is a ping this morning at 10am to 10h00 Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 94, Received = 21, Lost = 73 (77% loss) Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 269ms...
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    Power outage Centurion 07 March 2011

    So last night i was on my way to the Virgin Active in Highveld, when the little power station across the road was on fire. This in turn also seems to have outed about half of centurion [Highveld, Rooihuiskraal etc] I've tried looking on Eskom's site for info on how to find out how long it...
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    Best/cheapest Bulk SMS provider in SA, across all networks

    As per title, Which service would you guys recommend i use for Bulk sms'ing.
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    Getting sponsorships for club cricket team

    Could you guys please help me out with suggestion/recommendations as to how to go about getting a sponsor for our club cricket team. First things first: We're the first team of a club playing in the Pretoria Promotion league (its the league just below Premier league), and we are trying to get...
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    Recommend a good dietician in Centurion

    As per above, i found the following, as they seem to be Discovery vitality approved: But i wouldn't know the difference just by names, is there anyone on here that has been to one of them before, and can recommend a good one
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    Road Closures at O.R. Tambo International Airport leading up to and including SWC

    should be interesting/chaotic
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    has anyone ordered from them? I saw a game on there, that i cannot find in SA for under R800, but they ask me [shipping included + insurance] R380??? :wtf:
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    Protea Squad for 1st Pro20

    Here is the squad: I rate this team :D, very happy for Bosman.... hope he pitches up...
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    WTF DSTV !?!?!?!?!

    so, whilst I'm in the middel of watching cricket, Kallis goes out.... DSTV DECIDE FSCK YOU, I WILL NOW UPDATE WTF DSTV !?!?!?!?!? :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    Samsung HD103UJ 1TB 3.5" HDD for R698.66

    for today only it seems? not a bad price i would suggest here
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    Recommended e-commerce software

    I've tested KonaKart, OSComerce and Joomla with VirtuaKart... but which e-commerce software would you recommend is best for selling stuff online? [pref free,as it will be a hobby at first]