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  1. s0lar

    Apple magic mice & keyboard

    Item name: Apple Magic Mouse 2 (A1657) - (white, rechargeable) Age and condition: Excellent condition Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Using touchpad Price: R700 Location: Southern Suburbs, Western Cape Shipping or collection: Collection or shipping at buyer's cost...
  2. s0lar

    Thunderbolt 2 to Gigabit Ethernet Adaptor

    Item wanted: Thunderbolt 2 (Not newer Thunderbolt 3) to Gigabit Ethernet Adaptor Is packaging essential: No Desired age and condition: Good working condition Location: Cape Town Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes
  3. s0lar

    Post looting COVID spike?

    Been wondering after all the looting and the fact most looters weren’t obeying COVID rules I.e mask and distancing. Where is the spike?
  4. s0lar

    Backup to S3

    Anybody using any tooling that will backup a folder to S3 on my mac? Something with sync, so I can set and forget. Am happy with a UI, script or ..
  5. s0lar

    What do you host on your private VPS?

    With PaaS taking over the world, I am wondering what all you host on your VPSs? All I have these days are a few wordpress installs for family websites. I do the occasional nmap or ping from it being hosted outside of SA.
  6. s0lar

    Radeon RX 5600 XT, where are they?

    Was planning on buying one last month. Didn’t get around to it. No stock any where now. Are the the new “miners choice” at the moment? Getting one who have hit the sweet spot between cost and performance for my intended budget.
  7. s0lar

    Finally an explanation of the vaccine I vaguely understand Core take away here is that is a programmed sequence as apposed to a weakened version of the virus to coax the body’s defenses. Relatable to the days when I was into shell code. Also requires a...
  8. s0lar

    Mikrotik HAP ac2 and Dasan GPON ONT PPPoE issues

    Hi All, Anybody managed to get a Mikrotik HAP ac2 and a Dasan ONT to play nicely together? Or have a path to troubleshoot this? The Mikrotik goes into a loop of initialising, connecting then disconnecting when I start the PPPoE connection. My back up router an old D-Link DIR-825 connects...
  9. s0lar

    Removing "master/slave" pin labels from an AVR. Ill just leave this here.
  10. s0lar

    Cool Ideas FTTH - blocking inbound connections?

    Hi All, I moved from C-Fibre to Cool Ideas. Since then my inbound connections (I ssh into my cluster every now and then) are blocked. Does Cool Ideas filter inbound connections? This would be a deal breaker for me :(
  11. s0lar throttled?

    I hope I have the right sub-forum here. Anybody else noticed that being throttled on Telkom Mobile LTE? I get a solid 20k which occasionally bursts to 50k during office hours. Off peak it jumps to around 600k down.. :confused:
  12. s0lar

    Make me understand the iPhone phenomena

    'lo all, I had a brief browse through this sub-forum and saw alot of people. Doing all sorts of things to try and get a cheap iPhone. Hefty contracts, oversea's shopping etc. etc. etc. Now clearly if you cant afford it you shouldn't have it. That brings me to why? Is it the status of the...