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  1. ThreeThirds

    iPod-like offline music/mp3 player that runs Android?

    Yes, in this day and age I'm looking for a decent tiny music player that runs Android so I can install Google Music on it and play my offline files on the go. Things I've considered and why they were discarded: Get a smartwatch - you get some really cheap ones on Gearbest. Tried it, got one. I...
  2. ThreeThirds

    Our Seagate Drive Failures - Coincidence or Conspiracy?

    Howdy folks. I thought I'd post something here that I was wondering "Is this just a coincidence?". In the past 45 days both our Seagate 2TB SSHDs at home failed (Non-Seagate SSDs are just fine). Now all 3 of our boss's Seagate HDDs failed at the same time. A few clients had the same issue...
  3. ThreeThirds

    [WANTED] & invite codes

    Howdy folks. Anybody out there that could send me an invite code for and/or It would be greatly appreciated. Have an awesome day... I insist.
  4. ThreeThirds

    Which smartwatch phone to choose - please help :)

    After everybody helped so nicely to convince me that is worth using, I have now narrowed my smartwatch phone options to three choices: Requirements in a smartwatch: SIM - I need it to work with a sim as I want to call...
  5. ThreeThirds - Any good?

    Hey folks! After having a good experience with my first shipping to SA, I'm looking to broaden my horizons even further. I watched a few smartwatch reviews that mention, so I'm wondering if anybody's ordered from them before, and if all went well? Their shipping fees seem...
  6. ThreeThirds

    Win 7 Desktop Gadget Alternatives for Win 10 (Network & Process Monitoring)

    I've been using these two desktop gadgets for about as long as they've been available. Although I know there is software to enable gadgets for Win 8 (not sure about Win 10), I was wondering if anybody knows of good alternatives to this kind of functionality without using gadgets, while still...