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  1. Sapphiron

    Smartphone deal roundup - 17 September 2021

    MyBB. Do you receive any money from Oppo, Huawei or Samsung? Or any of their agents or retailers? And it you so, should you not disclose it in articles like these? I think that most of the forum members would agree that these sort of articles are frequently considered undisclosed partner...
  2. Sapphiron

    Telegram is experiencing an upsurge in cybercriminal activity

    Its still just a crime problem cybercrime is just like saying streetcrime.
  3. Sapphiron

    iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 comparison

    Still a Bigass notch and a Dummass lighting port
  4. Sapphiron

    Microsoft is launching Office 2021 in early October

    are you saying that SAGE will finally have to update their Outlook and Excel plugins to work with 64-bit version?
  5. Sapphiron

    iPad Mini's A15 chip won't support fastest 5G

    "Inhumanly possible"
  6. Sapphiron

    Xiaomi has launched the 11T Pro with fast charging speeds that fill the battery in 17 minutes

    Not saying it's the best idea from a battery longevity point of view to charge at that rate, but they have 2 cells, so effectively, its charging two batteries at half the rate each
  7. Sapphiron

    HIV is making coronavirus variants more likely in South Africa

    Not sure if they are irrelevant, but certainly speculative. A large population of immuno-compromised people is likely to have long term implications in future years. Much like the effect HIV had on the development of more dangerous variants of TB.
  8. Sapphiron

    Apple Watch Series 7 launched

    My wife's Xiaomi Mi band 5 is now on week 3 of a single battery charge. Will probably make it to week 4 before needing a recharge
  9. Sapphiron

    Apple announces iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro

    phone me when it gets a 42069MP camera.
  10. Sapphiron

    Fight brewing over vaccine passports in South Africa

    I fully support that statement, until such time you start infringing on the rights to health of others. Then that argument is no longer valid, it needs better data to support your argument. We are not talking about choosing whether to eat bacon or not.
  11. Sapphiron

    Fight brewing over vaccine passports in South Africa

    Hey, nothing wrong with being a fattie At least I am not one of the Obeesies
  12. Sapphiron

    Fight brewing over vaccine passports in South Africa

    That's because both those statements are true. But make no mistake, corporates are very keen to curtain the new freedoms employees got when working from home. I am sure that is the primary driver for many of them.
  13. Sapphiron

    Fight brewing over vaccine passports in South Africa

    Its the virus and people's behaviour that moves the goal posts.
  14. Sapphiron

    Fight brewing over vaccine passports in South Africa

    Because you are less infectious. Symptoms and viral loads are lower with the vaccinated. You can still spread it, you should still wear a mask in public. If enough people do both for long enough, the R0 drops below 1.0 and the pandemic is over.
  15. Sapphiron

    Update: Ramaphosa announces move to adjusted lockdown level 2 from Monday, 13 September 2021

    Alcohol is just one of the main reasons why so many people lost control and did something stupid. Covid just got added to the list of alcohol abuse casualties along with drunk driving, drunk pedestrian, drunk stabbing and drunk shooting. Government just messed up how they should have handled...
  16. Sapphiron

    SA's R109-billion spending crisis

    Here is a thought ANC. 1. Let Denel get liquidated by its creditors. What comes after will be leaner and more efficient 2. Let the land bank fail. 3. Most people did not get a pay rise the last 2 years, don't give public sector workers any. Alternatively, fire half the managers in the public...
  17. Sapphiron

    Bitcoin's slump continues

    I am wondering if this is not just normal market manipulation, to try and undermine the El Salvador experiment.
  18. Sapphiron

    Tesla's patent for their laser cleaning system has been approved and the system could feature on future vehicles

    Awesome, now when you have a chip in your windscreen, it can reflect the lasers directly into your eyes
  19. Sapphiron

    How Microsoft made Windows 11 faster than Windows 10

    Speaking for a few of our clients, when we explained to them that they don't need to upgrade for the next 3-4 years, as all their software is browser-based now, they took our advice and spent the budget on better ergonomics and other benefits for their staff. Same tax implications, but a much...