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  1. amabacha

    Discovery Vitality 2021

    First brochure for Vitality 2021 is out
  2. amabacha

    EasyProperties launching 1 July

    Got an email from EasyEquities to say EasyProperties is launching next week - 1 July I assume. // You signed up for early access to the EasyProperties and we have fantastic news for you: we are a week away from launching fractionalised property investing! That's right, EasyProperties is set...
  3. amabacha

    "Exclusive promotions on NEW Vodacom Whatsapp channel" sms 31118 to activate

    I just received this SMS: "Get exclusive promotions on our NEW Vodacom Whatsapp communication channel? Opt in today at no charge and get 250MB FREE. Simply SMS "WA" to 31118 to activate" Has anyone on Vodacom tried this? Worth doing? Im loath to opt in unless there is real value (ie actual...
  4. amabacha

    Discovery Vitality 2020

    Lots of interesting updates coming in 2020