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    Should I hand over my vehicle?

    Morning everyone, I just wanted to get some views about a situation I am in and not sure who or where to go about it. I purchased a vehicle in May 2018 under finance and unfortunately I got involved in an offroad accident in October 2018. I have fought with insurance and felt like they covered...
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    Termination of employment with in 6 month period?

    Hi guys, Currently working at a new company as a Senior .NET developer and not really interested in the role I have been put under. There is not much of a challenged and have been at company X for 5 months now. I wanted to find out in terms of contractual and legal bindings what I can do if I...
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    Routers that are both 3G and Wifi capable?

    Hi guys, I am in the market to purchase a new router, however, the area I stay in does not have Telkom infrastruture, in PMB, hence I am using Afrihost's Mobile Data package. I have multple WIFI devices at home and need to replace my old Tenda N+ adsl router with one that I can use with all...
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    No Airtime For NBA

    Firstly I would like to thank DSTV for their contract with NBA to showcase NBA games. However, overall I'm not happy with the service being delivered and I still would prefer for ADSL, than to pay for DSTV :erm: (seven hundred so bucks) AND still catch up on my games (gotta love the net). Not...
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    Need advice on ADSL Line solution?

    Hi guys, I am currently on a 4Meg uncapped with MWEB and have been using another company for my ADSL Line Rental. I have recently moved to an address that does not have an infrastruture for Telkom. That means no internet. Is there a solution I can look at to solve this issue I am faced with...
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    MWEB usage policies

    Hi guys, I am a medium internet user and would like to move my account to MWEB. Would like to get the Big Time Surfer Uncapped and I know there a fair usage policies in place. I just wanted to find out what the limit is on these accounts before u are named as "Abuser" and for your account to...
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    Shifting to higher broadband package

    Hi guys, I would like to switch my current package to a 4Mb Uncapped Shaped. My current package is a 384k Uncapped Unshaped. Would this be a good move and what would I be limited to? Currently am always downloading and wanted to find out for a 4mb what the maximum downloads I can achieve with a...
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    How to download from a newsgroup

    Hi guys, Does anyone know what software I can use to download from a newsgroup and any newsgroups to connect to. What do you need to do after getting the software..and to get content?I hear that it is much faster to download from and better than torrents, is this true???:confused:
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    Network traffic tracking

    Hi guys, Does anyone know of anyone good free or open source tools i could use to monitor traffic out and into my PC. I would like something that shows you the source of traffic out and bandwidth usages,stats and the like??? Please assist
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    Best ADSL Option from Uncapped 384k

    Hi guys, I am on uncapped with SAOL at 384k and would like to find out if there is a better option for me to take as Im currently paying almost a K, i.e R800??? I would like to know if possible I could get a 4Meg at about the same price becoz this is a bit stiff as compared to prices out...
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    Best PC Hardware at the most affordable price.

    Hi guys, I am building a PC and am left with 3 main parts, i.e. Motherboard, CPU and RAM. I am looking around for parts and am not sure what the best is for each of these components. My budget for each is as follows: CPU (i5 or Q8400???) : R1,500 Motherboard (Intel): R600 RAM (DDR 2 or...
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    Connect Bluray DVD Player to the net

    Hi, I recentley bought a samsung bluray player and tried connecting it to the net to do firmware upgrades and all but failed. Does anyone know what has to be done to get a connection? The menu options only provide u with setting to test and to specify a proxy if one exists and also the DNS...
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    Best and cheapest processor to get in the market now?

    Hi, I am building a PC and would like to purchase a processor but presently I am a bit confused with what the best processor and am hoping someone can explain the variances. I have heard of i3, i5, and of course i7, but would like to know what the performance of these are compared to the Quad...
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    Get louder output from sound card

    Hi, My PC has the following specs and am wondering wat i can do to get a louder output. The funny thing is that my PC at work when im listening to my music on headphones its like crazy loud and most of the time is at about 20% yet at home get the same loudness at 100%. The difference here is...
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    Switch Broadband account to the best solution.

    Hi guys, I have an uncapped account with SAOL (@R899 - 384kbps) and would like to change to either a cheaper account or at least the same amount but to a provider that offers Uncapped with Telkom line @4mbps included. I'm not sure why SAOL still charging this price, is there a reason why it...
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    Telkom service and bill confusing

    My line has been cut and do not know why? Is there anyone that has experienced this. My bill is due for payment on the 4th of May, dnot want to pay some reconnection fee or whatever and that's not all:mad: I just dont understand the phone bill I received, I leave by myself and never use my...
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    What hardware do I need to get PC to TV

    Hi, I bought a Graphics card (9400GT 512MB) sometime ago and figured if I bought a HDMI cable would be able to connect my PC to my TV. The problem is that my TV (CRT) does not have an HDMI port but everything is connected through my hometheatre which has 4 HDMI ports and there is a TV out cable...
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    Connect to second ISP???

    Hi guys, I have an account with SAOL and just hooked up with Afrihost. Now the thing is I'm trying to connect to my afrihost account having created a new connection, but failing. I don't know if the modem I got from Afrihost caters for this or something but can anyone help me with how to get...
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    How to setup my PC with another ADSL account?

    Hi guys, Does anyone know how I could setup my PC to use a different ADSL account? I am using windows 7 and I just signed up with Afrihost and got the details but I am no sure if this is possible? My curren account only accepts 1 Concurrent connection, could this affect me adding another...
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    Best ISP for prepaid ADSL Account?

    Hi, I have an ADSL account with another ISP and wanted to know what the best ISP for prepaid ADSL would be as my current one is a bit much? I am on 3Gb 384k. Anyone have any ideas:erm: