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    iPhone stolen, how to retain number/SIM swop?

    A friend just had his iPhone stolen, we tracked it, tried calling it but it goes straight to voice mail, so presumably it is switched off. All content is locked and everything is backed up to the cloud. Chances of recovery are about nil, so how do we go about retaining the number - it's a...
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    Where are the Dell techs?

    I have a Dell Optiplex 745 USFF, definitely a little elderly. Last week it decided to do a random restart shortly after a cold boot (booted into Windows 7, then it restarted shortly after I had opened an app) and then repeated this behaviour a few times at different intervals. I opened it and...
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    Keyboard problem: HP Pavilion

    I have a well kept HP Pavilion, daily driver, about 3 years old. Yesterday, I noticed that the backspace key had ceased functioning and on further inspection found that the apostrophe/quotation mark key, the 8 key on the number pad and the * key have also gone on strike. I tried uninstalling...
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    Help wanted with HDD partitions

    Please assist, I have a Samsung netbook that started life on XP, I upgraded it at some stage to Win 7 and then later to Windows 10, which ran very badly. I've reverted the machine to Windows 7, it's working fine but I have a bunch of partitions that I'd like to rationalise. I found some...
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    Dual code door/window sensors for eWeLink

    Found a dual code door/window sensor that can register open and close, plus a bunch of other goodies. All compatible with eWeLink, I don't know whether you can flash custom firmware. Seems they ship to SA, downside is it's probably via Post Office...
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    ADSL speed fluctuating badly

    I Have a 10Mbps Telkom line, it has been really consistent for months now, except for the last few days. It keeps dropping to 250kbps or thereabouts, stays there for a bit and then goes back to just under 10Mbps, which is my usual speed. Speed test done with MyBB and I've logged a...
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    Uncover jailbreak on iOS 12.4?

    Can someone please confirm that the latest Uncover JB will work on an iPhone 6, updated to iOS 12.4? I'm currently JB on iOS 12.1.2 and want to update to 12.4 but not entirely sure that the latest JB will work on iPhone 6 with its older processor.
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    ADSL sluggish, Overstrand, Western Cape

    My Telkom 10MB line, which is consistently just under 10MB on the speed test, has slowed to a crawl in the last couple of hours. I've restarted router etc and tried the 10210 number but I fear I could die before I get an answer out of them. Anyone else in the region with a similar problem?
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    Who's used Easeus PCtrans?

    I'm trying to transfer an ancient version of Quickbooks from an equally ancient PC to a new(er) laptop. The install disk is lurking somewhere in a box/drawer and I cannot find a download source - the version I use is v6.0 Pro, probably circa 2001. Quickbooks chat inform me that they only...
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    Downgrade for jailbreak

    I lost my jailbreak a few months ago, but had no blobs to attempt a recovery. I've since been saving my blobs with the TSS Saver tool, and I noticed that Electra recently released a jailbreak for 11.4x. I have an iPhone 6, currently on 12.1.2 I have blobs saved for 11.4 and 11.4 1 As far as I...
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    Non-jailbreak alternative to untrusted host blocker?

    I lost my jailbreak on 9.3.3 (no blobs......) so I upgraded to 11.4.1 and now waiting for a new jailbreak. I was using Thireus' untrusted hosts blocker, I can't find any means of sideloading it without jailbreak. What's a good store app to install to block ads in Safari and apps? Also...
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    Tempered glass screen protector

    I guess these will be redundant on the 6S, likely to interfere with the force touch tech?
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    Looking for a Winterboard theme - need some help

    I had a really good Winterboard theme on my 4s, then I updated from 8.1.2 to 8.4 and stupidly forgot to take note of the theme's name. I've Googled myself almost into a coma trying to find it, but now I need help. It's a theme that came out on Cydia, in the regular updates/changes, sometime...
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    How to stop iOS auto update/download

    I've got an iPhone 3GS on iOS 5.1.1. It was a little buggy so I restored to a previously 'signed' version of the same. Everything works perfectly, including, unfortunately, the iOS software update function, which I cannot stop (as soon as the the phone is on wi-fi it starts auto downloading the...
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    Guest mode for iPhone/iPad

    Not so much for your phone, but a great app for when the kids borrow your iPad..... Needs jailbreak
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    iPhone 3GS MMS notification

    I'm trying to establish why I don't receive notification of an incoming MMS. Phone is 3GS on iOS 4.2.1 I typically only switch data or wifi on as required so I'm not always aware that an MMS is waiting. Have I missed a basic setting somewhere or is this model not capable of notifying when...