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  1. Nemus

    Update: Ramaphosa announces move to adjusted lockdown level 2 from Monday, 13 September 2021

    All about vacs so far.. quite impressive numbers though, way better than I thought they would achieve
  2. Nemus

    Transgender MMA Fighter Breaks Skull of Her Female Opponent

    I’m clearly not then..
  3. Nemus

    Truck carrying more than 100 corpses stopped on N2 near Somerset West

    TL: DR "It was found that all the paperwork to transport the bodies to the Eastern Cape for cremation was in order. As a result, the undertaker was allowed to continue his journey."
  4. Nemus

    Transgender MMA Fighter Breaks Skull of Her Female Opponent

    So he couldn’t stack it with the boys, probably got bullied in the forces and then decided to beat up women instead?? Rules are simple: dudes vs dudes Chicks vs chicks..
  5. Nemus

    Your current "want to buy" car

    Currently considering (all 2017-2018): Audi A3 Sedan 1.4 TFSI Auto | 35 TFSI or Audi A3 Sportback 2.0 TFSI Auto | 40 TFSI (Edging towards this one more than the others) or Audi S3 Sportback quattro Auto (228kW)
  6. Nemus

    Web Squad ISP

    Looks like it’s sorted now
  7. Nemus

    Web Squad ISP

    Thank you. I have logged a ticket.
  8. Nemus

    Web Squad ISP

    Error: No response from the remote server. Please contact your ISP. Dial-up connection succeeded but the internet is inaccessible. Please contact your ISP.
  9. Nemus

    Web Squad ISP

    My connection just dropped due to unpaid account... Account was paid via debit order on the 1st.. yet, im on mobile internet at this moment..
  10. Nemus

    Couple, aged 33 and 35, die from COVID-19

    May their dear souls rest in peace.
  11. Nemus

    Looking for a urologist in Cape Town for vasectomy

    @zolly I had mine done yesterday. Went in at 7, loads of paperwork, rolled into theatre as Patient #2.. Number #1 didnt rock up so a kiddy went ahead of me.. I also had a cyst removed same time, as well as prostate examination, so opted for general anesthetic. The put the needle into my wrist...