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    Telkom early uograde

    Did this in October last year, Bill changed right away to the new tariff, for 24 months
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    MTN Data Bundle not being used, airtime being used.

    You should check vodascum if you want to complain about data vanishing, not being used fast
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    Telekom Fraud

    Shouldn't you rather find out who gave out your bank account and id information?
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    Cannot cancel MTN contract - help!!

    Get power of attorney issued due to his incapacity and then email retentions to cancel
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    2020's best smartwatches

    Yawn another poorly researched, paid for advertisement. Can't you get some real journalists to create topics?
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    MTN Black Friday Discussions

    One of the most entertaining threads online, will catch up in January when the junuworry upgrade drama gets repeated.
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    MTN Black Friday Discussions

    You can take it over 24 months at R199, but that'd be stupid.
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    Rain network problems

    Another copy paste wannabe journo
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    MTN Black Friday Discussions

    This has been clarified previously in this thread and in other posts. If it says business, you need to have a registered business.
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    Vodacom Blacklists Phones

    Did you maybe purchase this phone from someone else? They defaulted and device is still network property. So they won't give you any info as you're not the legal device owner
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    TV Advice - Q60T or Q70T

    You're into the wrong teams [emoji849]
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    MTN Black Friday Discussions

    Have you seen the complaints on axxess/afriheist? Mtn retentions is pathetic, billing dept criminal, but the network is stable
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    MTN Black Friday Discussions

    Unfortunately if you don't grasp the wording of the contract you agreed to, just accept the school fees.
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    MTN Black Friday Discussions

    Rather use the app and disable all the consent buttons
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    Dual sim funtion blocked from MTN and Vodacom

    Check your settings on device, check your simcard that, that is working and that you haven't gone and put it into international roaming mode. If it worked for 3 months, it's an ID ten T error in all probability.
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    MTN Black Friday Discussions

    You still need to give a months notice to cancel as per your contract agreement. I canceled 1 contract a month ago and yesterday it moved onto prepaid.
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    Two-Day Giveaway - You can win your share of R2,000 cash

    Fallaciously named personalized upgrade offers, only available from mtn.
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    MTN Business ONE DAY Promotion - Enter here

    ZTE MF286R MTN Business Broadband LTE 30GB R199 Brilliant network, pity no investment in staff so no real retentions dept.