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  1. DMaulidi

    Fibre Backbone

    Good evening, I was wondering if anyone knows the process of getting a Fibre Backbone to a complex? As the current our ISP is currently using has been awful, we've never gone a month without having an incident and it's frustrating. Preferably we'd like to get a backbone that works with a...
  2. DMaulidi

    High Ping (High Latency In Game)

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone has been experiencing High Ping when they run a Speed Test or High Latency in games? This past week, even today which is worse than other days my ping has been high making gaming online an inconvenience. I've been forced to restart my router every 12 mins to...
  3. DMaulidi

    No Network (Internet Connection) 5G

    I haven't had internet connection today since 5 a.m in Halfway Gardens, Midrand and since we're working from home I depend entirely on this. I've rebooted, factory reset my device multiple times and still nothing. I even tried changing the antenna settings. One can't be paying so much for such...
  4. DMaulidi

    ISP Shopping

    Good Day Guys, I was wondering if you guys can help me make an informed decision. I'm looking for an ISP that's reliable whose service isn't appalling. I am with Accelerit currently, I've been with them for about a year now and their services have been getting worse by the day. Like some...
  5. DMaulidi

    Want to know where the latest sales are at?

    Have you always wanted to know which store has what specials without having to go to the shop itself to find out, well that's what Guzzle is for. Guzzle uploads the latest Special catalogs from most of SA's shops like Checkers, Click's, Sportscene etc. Visit or go on to...
  6. DMaulidi

    Ever wondered where the to find Free Wi-Fi hotspots in and around SA?

    To find free Wi-Fi Hotspots around where you stay or anywhere in SA simply visit they'll list most free hotspots around SA and they update they're lists whenever they find free hotspots.
  7. DMaulidi

    Want to save data on your iOS/Android phone?

    "The first thing you do to avoid bill shock, is buy extra bundles. The second is to be conscious of what you can and can’t do with a smartphone – and where you can jump onto a WiFi network. Many companies now offer them to employees who check their email on their smartphones, while coffee...
  8. DMaulidi

    Tired of the FriendZone? Check out these tips

    Since everyone is afraid of the FriendZone (Especially Guys) here are some tips to avoid that deadly area: 1. If you have a friend that you like don't call her your friend, IN FRONT OF HER, rather do it when she's not around to see, read, or hear it. Maybe you're in the FriendZone because...
  9. DMaulidi

    What are the steps to follow when choosing/buying a Smartphone?

    Here are some of the steps to take when you're unsure of what Smartphone to go for: - Know what you want in a Smartphone. - Don't buy a phone for bragging/flaunting only. Why? Because your friend's might get better phones and you'll be left with a phone you only got for flaunting. - Don't...