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    4.5mm to 5.5mm DC jack convertor

    Hi All So I bought a DC Jack to USB-C Converter ( for my Dell laptop, thinking I'll be able to plug the charger into the convertor, then into the dock together the HDMI, etc, which I'll then connect via a single USB-C cable to the laptop. Problem is that...
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    HP & Canon ink cartridges for sale

    Hi All I have the following original HP and Canon ink cartridges for sale from my previous printers: HP - Item name: New cartridges: 1 x 903XL Cyan 1 x 903XL Magenta 1 x 903XL Yellow (retails for +- R400 each online) Used cartridges (approx 60 - 70% ink left; slightly more in the black - was...
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    Non-functioning iPhone 3G required

    Hi All Weird question, I know, but I am looking for a black 3G/S. It's just for display purposes, so I require one that doesn't work. It can be water damaged or bricked - the internals can even be fried for all I care - it just has too look decent, like a nice shiny iPhone:) Please let me...