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  1. Nod

    Hackers breach South Africa's courts

    Have they tried rebooting the government yet?
  2. Nod

    Amazon has released its own brand of TVs

    More choice in TV manufacturers would be nice, like TCL, Nokia and Oneplus. * TCL actually have a SA presence it seems, but have not seen their TVs for sale anywhere.
  3. Nod

    Amazon has released its own brand of TVs

    Here is the correct manual:
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    Amazon Unveils First of Its Own Smart TVs, Will Bring TikTok to Fire TV in U.S. and Canada

    Source: TV Specs:
  5. Nod

    A year after DoppelPaymer attack, South Africa's Department of Justice hit by another ransomware attack

    You don't need to pay someone anything. With poor user security awareness you can simply use social engineering to get someone to click on a executable, or visit a compromised website. Every employee probably still had admin rights as well. One way to get people to put USB drives into their PCs...
  6. Nod

    WHO says Covid will mutate like the flu and is likely here to stay

    Attached screenshot from statssa. 2001 was a rough year.
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    International COVID-19 Updates & Discussion 3
  8. Nod

    COVID-19 memes (including @Coronachan)

    Not a meme, but ...
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    South Africa has one 80-year-old plane left to patrol its seas

    Botswana is just about the only exception to the rest of sub-Sahara Africa.
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    Testing radiation bleed from a microwave, compared to the radiation from a 5G tower

    Study around mmWave 5G: Further information from IEEE:
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    The Case for Fiber to the Home, Today: Why Fiber is a Superior Medium for 21st Century Broadband

    Source: Electronic Frontier Foundation
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    SARS licence plate recognition pilot at Beitbridge border

    Nobody actually checks that you cross the border with the vehicle you showed papers for, and coming back in even less is checked. At least my experience crossing into Mozambique ...
  13. Nod

    Mobile operators block looted smartphones from their networks

    The operators are supposed to add stolen phones to the CEIR database.