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  1. Stevi

    Grocery list app

    Hi all, I am looking for an app that the SO and I can use for our grocery shopping list. We sometimes go to the shops at different times and either end up buying the same thing twice or not getting something thinking the other person got it. What we ideally need is an app where we can make a...
  2. Stevi

    [OLD] Unable to get 4G/LTE? Your SIM needs to be provisioned

    NEW THREAD: Hi All, I upgraded to the Samsung A3 last week, but seem to be having problems getting a 4G connection. The Vodacom assistant did the sim swop to the micro sim, and said all the settings...
  3. Stevi

    MyBB SuperRugby Superbru Pool

    Hi Guys, Would anyone be keen to take part in a little MyBB SuperRugby Superbru pool? A fun score prediction game, keeps things interresting :) Let me know who is keen and I will start a pool