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    What does the cell c coverage map actually show.

    With Cell C moving away from their own infrastructure we know that some customers will connect to MTN's network (Prepaid i believe) while other customers (Postpaid) will be using Vodacom's infrastructure. This makes me question what the Cell C coverage map actually shows because it does not...
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    Can not access some Gov websites, (is it just me?)

    Hi, im not sure if something is misconfigured on my side or if the following gov websites are actually down. I can not access Eskom's website or the City Of Ekurhuleni's website. ESKOM ODP CoE
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    Run out of duct space

    So i have a duct that comes down from the roof to the room that houses my networking equipment, the duct is full and i cant cram any more cables into it. I need to connect 2x Ubiquiti Unifi AP (POE) 1X Victron OctoGX 1X NVR i dont know enough about POE to figure out if what i have chosen will...
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    Ditching Vuma for Openserve

    For the past 4 years, I have used Cell C + Vuma for my internet. I am on a 20mbps fibre line but I feel like we may need something a little faster. I have been very happy with Cell C as my ISP, their support is exceptional and their international capacity is reliable. I checked Cell-C's...
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    Whatsapp calls not connecting(solved).

    Hi guys I recently jumped ship from ios to android and bought myself the S10e. I am very happy with the phone but I have a problem with my whatsapp calls. When I use wifi or my rain mobile sim I can make and receive whatsapp calls but when I use my telkom mobile data my WhatsApp calls refuse to...
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    What phone?

    Hi MBB forums, I need to buy a new phone and I have no clue which phones I should even be looking at, any advice appreciated. I currently am an IOS user but I’m tempted to jump ship to Android. What I need: LTE capability SD card expansion A decent battery ( I’m a heavy user, tend to do allot...
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    Building communal installation.

    Hi I am working on a building that has +- 30 flats and I would like to fix the cable spaghetti of DSTV & openview cables and satélites. Is their a way to install a communal dish setup that allows the user to use either DSTV or open view. Most of the tenants use DSTV while some use Openview so I...
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    Hi all. A network popped up in my area with the MNC 73. It is listed as being I-burst which makes me think it is being operated by rain. Any idea what the purpose of this network is? 5G perhaps? And if so why would they throw it on a different PLMN?
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    Cloud Backup Solution.

    I have about 200Gb of photos and 100Gb of files that I want to back up. I am looking for an affordable solution that is scalable (It doesn't help if in 10Years time I will have to pay thousands because of the amount of data I have accumulated.)
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    "Telkom-SA R" Vs "MTN-SA"

    Hello Citizens of MBB i am curious as to what the difference is between these two messages displayed next to the signal bar on my iPhone.I am curious as to what the difference is between the two. Could it be Vodacom roaming in place? and which sign do you see on your phones.
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    Link africa?

    Has anyone heard of or done dealings with link africa, they are currently installing fiber in edenvale and i am curious as to what people have to say about them.
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    Thyme Bank

    Hello, is anyone using Thyme bank and if so what has your experience been like?
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    Activating roaming once overseas?

    Is it possible to activate SMS roaming once overseas.
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    Has anyone managed to use VOLTE yet? if so how was it, and did you have to activate it?
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    Off site backup for home computers

    I would like to backup the 3 computers at my house to an offsite location (perhaps another family members house). What i need: Software: I need software on each of the computers that will automatically backup the computers (perhaps weekly) to the offsite location, Hardware: I would also need...
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    Verification sms

    Is it possible to receive verification sms’s from WhatsApp and google on Rain mobile?
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    Telkom mobile LTE Carrier agrigation?

    I’m curious to know if Telkom mobile LTE sims can achieve carrier agrigation between their 1800Mhz FDD and 2300Mhz TDD LTE, and if this is the case is it possibly why Telkom LTE is so Battery heavy.
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    Can you use IDS If you just buy the IDS and softcap data

    So here is my question. Telkom 20GB softcap costs 99 Bucks a month and their 20 GB IDS costs another 99 Bucks per month SO my question is can i pay for just both of these and use the IDS or do i have to link the softcap to a DSL line which would then set me back another 169 Bucks /m Because...
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    Rain mobile and Carrier agrigation?

    So my question is pretty straight forward. Does rain mobile support carrier aggregation between their 1800Mhz and 2600Mhz Bands? And is there a way to see which band you are connected to on an ipad?