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  1. Jetty

    Are you thinking of emigrating?

    Yip Current plan is March 2022. No kids , my wife & I can both work remotely anywhere. I have an EU passport and we now have more friends in Europe than SA. So at this point it would be stupid not to give Europe a try.
  2. Jetty

    Buying tech from Takealot vs importing from Amazon price comparison

    The difference between Amazon and Takealot is that Amazon has actual specials. I managed to buy a monitor a couple years back off Amazon that was 40% cheaper than local prices.
  3. Jetty

    International COVID-19 Updates & Discussion 3

    A new paper out of the University of Pennsylvania shows SARS-CoV-2-specific memory B-cell responses are robustly induced following COVID-19 mRNA vaccination AND continue to increase in frequency for at least six months. link TLDR : Unfortunately for our scare mongering media. Unless you are...
  4. Jetty

    Covid-19 vaccinations open to all adults in South Africa - but alcohol restrictions remain

    Here are all the sites that let you pre-book a vaccination slot. Clicks: Dischem: or Discovery:
  5. Jetty

    Tips to Boost your eBucks - 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022

    I still haven't been allocated my free data and minutes on my FNB sim. Has anyone received their free data yet ? or has this benefit been nerfed ?
  6. Jetty

    Facebook ‘Proactively’ Removing Taliban Content, Executive Says

    That corrupt barbaric regime is kicking out the taliban ?
  7. Jetty

    The new ways SARS is targeting taxpayers in South Africa

    Oh look , another SARS article. I'm starting to think the entirety of their plan to "target taxpayers" is to just publish several articles a week claiming they are targeting taxpayers.
  8. Jetty

    Healthy, strong but overweight 46 year old tech junky dies from COVID-19

    Strange that they say " Overweight but with no comorbidities"
  9. Jetty

    The Spiciest Sauces- but locally available items only I struggle to have more than a couple drops.
  10. Jetty

    South Africa to Broaden Vaccine Rollout With Pfizer Doses Monday

    Passed 9 Million vaccinations yesterday and we are about to hit 10% fully vaccinated. 1st million vaccinations took 104 days. 2nd million vaccinations took 16 days. 3rd million vaccinations took 13 days. 4th million vaccinations took 8 days. 5th million vaccinations took 8 days. 6th million...
  11. Jetty

    South Africa to Broaden Vaccine Rollout With Pfizer Doses Monday

    I think they got the vaccination number wrong on that graphic. Looks like there were 176 752 vaccinations yesterday :
  12. Jetty

    Bad news about SA's Covid-19 herd immunity

    Yip 2 weeks after my 2nd Pfizer shot , I will live my life normally again. Its inevitable that we'll all catch it at some point , but I'm not too worried about getting the sniffles. The article is the usual doom and gloom though. If 60% of the population is vaccinated and Delta spreads so...
  13. Jetty

    South Africa seen risking more frequent unrest without reforms

    Nothing that a few name changes couldn't fix :thumbsup:
  14. Jetty

    Have you been vaccinated for Covid-19 yet?

    When you expand for each province , it shows which sites are using J&J
  15. Jetty

    Have you been vaccinated for Covid-19 yet?

    Dischem has updated their Vaccination Site page to include J&J sites.
  16. Jetty

    Most South Africans Don’t Want Covid Shot, Many Rely on Prayer

    The problem with this survey is if I got asked " Will you take the vaccine or will you pray the virus away ? " I would think this is a stupid f*@cking survey and not bother answering.
  17. Jetty

    South Africa to Broaden Vaccine Rollout With Pfizer Doses Monday

    Passed 7 million vaccinations. 6 days again for this million vaccinations but apparently weekend vaccinations will be running at almost full capacity from this weekend: source So should pick up the pace soon. 1st million vaccinations took 104 days. 2nd million vaccinations took 16 days. 3rd...
  18. Jetty

    Sell or rent out apartment

    Sell Tenants and body corporates are not worth the hassle honestly.
  19. Jetty

    Will Medical Aids Force Their Customers To Get Vaccinated?

    Medical aids aren't allowed to charge different rates for different people for medical reasons. All they could really do is give you a waiting period before paying for treatment though - But I don't think the council for medical schemes would allow that. So very unlikely not getting the...