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  1. Dwelms_Farmer

    R299 | Microsoft Office 2019 Professional

    Installed and activated no problem. Great service as always
  2. Dwelms_Farmer

    R399 | COMBO | Windows 10 Pro + Office 2019 Professional

    Awesome service. Everything installed and activated perfectly. 10/10
  3. Dwelms_Farmer

    R299 | Microsoft Windows 10 Professional Keys x 15

    Bought a key and activated no problem. Great service.
  4. Dwelms_Farmer

    Are you friends with your neighbours?

    I couldn't even tell you what they look like.
  5. Dwelms_Farmer

    New Giveaway – Win great prizes

    Internal memory: 256GB
  6. Dwelms_Farmer

    Test your broadband speed, rate your ISP, win great prizes worth R5,000

    ISP: iSpace Ping: 1ms Download: 94.27Mbps Upload: 94.49Mbps
  7. Dwelms_Farmer

    Samsung Galaxy S8

    Also on Telkom mobile
  8. Dwelms_Farmer

    What game are you playing now ?

    Just finished Metro Exodus - Now back to Rust
  9. Dwelms_Farmer

    Do you own a smartwatch?

    Samsung Gear S3 Frontier. Had some issues when I used a Huawei phone but since switching to Samsung everything works fine.
  10. Dwelms_Farmer

    Samsung Pay Giveaway - Win Great Samsung Prizes

    It's great because I can even use my Samsung watch for convenient purchases
  11. Dwelms_Farmer

    Pc dead after loadshedding

    Similar issue turned out to be a dead motherboard for me.