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    Openserve-Telkom Fiber 4Meg forced migration to 10Meg

    Hi guys, My parents received the following message with a link. It’s apparently due to the fact that 4Meg profile in no longer an option and that are being automatically upgraded to 10Meg It all sounds plausible but the link just screams “scam” Your opinions please *** PS Just realised I posted...
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    Samsung Gear S3 on iPhone 6S Discovery health sync

    I have just inherited a brand new Samsung Gear S3 Frontier watch and I was keen to use it with my iPhone 6S for syncing health data with Discovery Vitality. Has anyone managed this? I have installed "Samsung Gear S" on the iPhone and it all connects and transfers the activities correctly. The...
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    Worlds Undersea Cables
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    FNB iPad app released.
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    Caska Dash Console

    Has anyone had any experience of this product for any car? Im thinking of having one of these fitted to my Hyundai ix35 but Im concerned about the visibility of the screen in daylight (especially when using the GPS), and also the dash getting damaged during...
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    HD PVR Remote control sensitivity

    I am asking this on behalf of my parents in Durbs. They complain to me that the new HD PVR (latest model) that I bought for them just the other day is too sensitive when changing channels with the remote. ie When they press P+ it jumps 20 or so stations. when punching in "402" they'll get...