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  1. Recallza

    Android 9 Call Recording

    Has anyone managed to get the Android 9 Call Recording limitation without rooting your phone? If so, how?
  2. Recallza

    Vox Fiber down?

    Anyone else on Vox Fiber experiencing issues with I've checked down detector websites and apparently the website is up.
  3. Recallza

    Rain Acting Funny

    Hi Guys, Anyone elses Rain acting wonky this morning? When I switched my device on, first it couldn't find any signal... Then I restarted the device and signal was found but its been extremely slow.
  4. Recallza

    [S] 4 Sleeper Breakers Resort Umhlanga Timeshare 27/04/2019 - 4/05/2019

    Item: Breakers Resort Umhlanga Timeshare 27/04/2019 - 4/05/2019 Price: R10 000 Location: Umhlanga Kwa-Zulu Natal Reason: Unwanted Timeshare Link: Breakers Resort Other Information: Public holiday week at Breakers Umhlanga Resort. 4 Sleeper Studio apartment on the 8th floor. Check-in on...
  5. Recallza

    Homeloan Question

    Hi Guys, I'm uncertain which way forward is the best way, perhaps some of you can give your opinions.. I have extra money monthly, and I'm unsure whether to incraese my bond debit order amount, or to pay the extra money monthly into the flexibond? I have a fair amount in my flexibond...
  6. Recallza


    Item Wanted: Chromecast 3rd Gen or Chromecast Ultra 4k Age: Doesnt Matter Condition : Working Packaging : Would be nice Location: Johannesburg Shipping: Yes Collection: Yes Ballpark: R800
  7. Recallza

    RDP Seems blocked

    Hi, I'm using VUMA Fibre with VOX as my ISP. For some strange reason I'm unable to RDP into a work server, after being able to connect to my work VPN.. I've checked my router and there is no firewall enabled or anything... Not sure if the problem lies with VOX or with VUMA... Anyone able to...