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    Minecraft for PC: How to buy

    Hallo Everyone Need some advice/assistance. The kid has been playing Minecraft on the phone (android) during the lockdown. Now wants to play with friends on PC. I have no idea where or how to acquire the game. On windows store, I am unable to add a South African address to make a payment...
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    iPad to use in SA and USA

    I am looking to buy an iPad for use both here in South Africa and in the USA. As I understand, there are 3 models to choose from (ignoring the memory options): A...
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    Sending lots of email - not spam

    Is trying to assist a school in setting up a system to send email to the parents. They have an adsl account with mweb. They are using a system called pencilbox to do all their administration. They are sending two types of email. The first is general notices, with the same content going...