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    COVID alert SA app

    Is there any work done to allow this app to store one vaccine status? If not, why not? My certificate is a A5 size on 160g or even heavier paper. It would be crazy having to carry this thing around.
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    Long delays in receiving SMSs

    Does anyone else experience that it takes an inordinate amount of time to receive some messages? It is especially annoying when I have to get an OTP. By the time I get the OTP the website has timed out. It happens with Standard Bank, Microsoft and now also Amazon. I am on Telkom mobile. With...
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    Can you create a RESTful application?

    We are a small software company and we have a client request to interface the invoice module with the order system of a chain store. Is there anyone who could write this as a RESTful/JSON application? We are using Delphi and Firebird as a database. Please contact me if you have any interest or...
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    Testing for Covid-19 only in people with comorbidities that are older than 55.

    Western Cape, only people over 55 and with comorbidities and symptoms will be tested in future.