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    Need to buy 100 phones: best phone for less than R600

    Hi all I'm helping kids at our local deep rural school get some sort of education during lockdown. We want to deliver lessons via WhatsApp videos and Voicenotes. We need to by 100 phones and have a tiny budget. Any recommendations on the best option for less than R600? We've used Kicka 4's in...
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    DSTV Now website bug - watch Supersport for free

    I recently found a bug on the DSTV Now website that allows me to watch all the SuperSport channels even though I haven't paid. It doesn't involve any clever hacking, just a series of DSTV Now menu options clicked in sequence. I thought about telling DSTV about the bug in exchange for them...
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    SkyFairUse is eating my MTN Fixed LTE data

    I recently got an MTN Fixed LTE contract which came with a Sharelink B612 router. I have only one laptop which connects to this Wifi and it shows data usage in the past month of 3GB. However my bill shows 56GB used. When I look at the itemised billing it shows a line item called SkyFairUse that...
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    Telkom to roam on Vodacom - can we cancel our Telkom FreeMe contract?

    Hello I live in an area (former Transkei) where there is only MTN signal. I have a Telkom FreeMe Family Unlimited contract (20 months remaining on contract) which roams on MTN. Apparently Telkom will begin roaming on Vodacom (and stop roaming on MTN) in December which means I will not be able to...
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    Maximum number of users on Huawei B618 router

    Hello I have an old Huawei B683 router which I use along with a TP-Link TL-WR841HP Wifi Router as well as a Ubiquity UAP to provide WiFi internet at a remote school in the Transkei. I can connect 100 children on tablets at one time in this way. I just had to set the B683 so that it would handout...