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    Anchor Confuses Samuel L. Jackson with Laurence Fishburne

    Sam Rubin gets the wrong black guy. Jackson's response is brilliant. PS - mods, not sure if news content = CA, please move to OT if better suited there.
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    IOS 7 native mail - can't find IMAP inbox

    I have gmail set up in my mail client. I leave my inbox to browse one of my other folders eg Sent or Drafts. How do I return to my inbox? Am I the only one not finding it again? Maybe I screwed a setting up?
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    Organising my personal photos

    I couldn't find much from a search for this subject on this forum, so maybe you guys could help out by sharing how you organise your (personal) photos. I'm in two minds about whether I should stay offline or put them in the cloud. I've got < 10GB thumbsuck of stuff. Some high-res, some low...
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    just created a bridged router with dd-wrt...

    on a cisco / linksys E1500. took about half an hour as a noob and it was all set up, without needing to touch my primary ap. saved me having to buy a dedicated "bridging router", and there's some nice little goodies on the firmware too. kudos to for some nice work. i love...
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    html5 / xhtml "role" attribute

    i've come across <div role="main"> and various other similar "role" markups in various popular html templates. sometimes the property is "navigation" sometimes it's "sitemap". it seems to be whatever you want it to be... googling it just leads me to a somewhat defunct xhtml reference in the...
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    New company mail hosting

    What's my best mail option for a company starting out. They have a few subsidiaries, I don't think more than 6 different entities, and probably not more than 20 email accounts per company eventually. Some of those may just be forwarders to the holding company mailboxes. They seem to have...
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    Mobile billing via shortcode - my best options?

    I'm looking to set up a premium number to do transactions for a client offering a service on their mobile site. Payment would happen via shortcode rather than shopping cart because this is easier on a mobile phone. I'm not really sure how many transactions they will get per month, but we would...
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    Why does war breed more boys?

    It's a fairly well known phenomenon that after countries have fought a war, their population experiences higher male birthrates. Why is this? The author of this article theorises that gender selection is a heritable gene carried by males. That in normal society, there is a range of gender bias -...
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    Adobe software - where to buy

    It appears that I can't purchase adobe software direct online anymore and that I need to go and buy a box at an inflated price somewhere. And they wonder why people turn to piracy? Anyways, what is the best and cheapest method of buying adobe software locally. If I could do it online, I would.
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    Security certs, facbook apps etc

    i've got a client that wants a bunch of simple fb apps done. problem is that fb apps now need a certificate if hosted externally, which is the case here. anyways, there's basically 1 domain per fb page. the external sites are hosted on different servers/ip's there will probably be about 10...
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    .cn tld - anybody ever registered a chinese domain?

    i can't find cn on namecheap or godaddy. is there a reason for this? does china have some kind of draconian nic policies?
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    Malaria vaccine shows promise

    well done to bill & melinda and gsk. let's hope the reasearch can continue and that the price point is affordable to those who need it the most.
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    Adobe acquires PhoneGap (nitobi) and TypeKit :(

    With Adobe's history of turning promising tech into expensive bloatware, I feel saddened that PhoneGap didn't hold out... I see they have acquired TypeKit as well...
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    Wordpress security tips please

    I've got a site being nailed by the Turks currently. Every few weeks something breaks and I have to go fix it. I'm pretty sure whatever I do they'll be more persistent at finding exploits. I'm generally pretty good at keeping it up to date with patches & plugin updates. They haven't...
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    SI Unit notation

    Not having a tertiary science qualification, I was rather miffed to find out that my way of writing units of measurement has been wrong since school. I was taught that the quantity and the unit are written together e.g. 100km/h To my dismay, I found out that they need to be separated by a...
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    Turbochargers... should I be worried?

    I took a jetta 1.4 for a test drive earlier today. it seemed fairly responsive despite the 1.4 engine. however i'm sure i remember a few of my family members recounting stories with turbochargers in the past and in my brain i made a mental note. one of them involved the turbine seizing because...
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    Meta tags & SEO - why bother?

    1. If meta keywords is largely ignored due to keyword stuffing, and; 2. Meta descriptions either interfere with serps or are replaced by auto descriptions, what's the point of writing a meta description? I can understand that for pages where the content is all over the place, or when pages...
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    ISPConfig releases billing plugin

    I must say, I'm really impressed with ISPconfig, it's a tight little webmin package and it's great that they now have an integral billing solution. They were always missing this vs commercial setups like cpanel and whm. The billing plugin is not free, but at around R700, you can hardly...
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    backups to cloud server

    i've got a rackspace server sitting fairly idle that i use for dev (squeeze). i thought i'd set up backups from my local machine (windows) to go there. i'm not really familiar with what should be used client/server. rsync looks better suited to this than other services and i see it can be...
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    Fair trade and coffee... does fair mean free?

    So I've got a lot of friends who are somehow involved in coffee culture. I don't really like bursting their altruistic bubble, but I have my reservations about the long-term viability of fair trade. I also don't really want to get into economic debates around this with them, because I'm not...