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  1. Foxhound5366

    If you want Windows 11, you'll need a newer PC or laptop

    Well this is going to be old news to all the Windows 11 beta-testers, but I was today years old when I discovered this: I found it out the hard way: I decided I wanted to experience the Windows 11 goodness so I...
  2. Foxhound5366

    Which handgun do you recommend for EDC?

    There really seem to be two parts to this question: which are the best handguns for EDC, and which are the best handguns one can actually get in South Africa. What do you recommend and is it because you have good experiences with it or on what grounds are you recommending it? Ideally if you...
  3. Foxhound5366

    Steam credit for sale (-20% discount)

    Item name (be very descriptive): you EFT me the Steam retail cost -20% (20% discount for you!) of a premium game you want, and I buy the game for you. Age and condition: Brand new Steam credit Do you include packaging: I'll bubblewrap it Warranty: Steam credit doesn't break Reason for selling...
  4. Foxhound5366

    USER REVIEW | Synology DS120j NAS

    Disclaimer: I received this device on Mybroadband as part of this promotion. That's not going to influence my opinion at all. Right upfront I'll address the elephant in the room: the DS120j is an entry-point to get home users into the world of using NAS devices. With only a single hard drive...
  5. Foxhound5366

    EMPD's Traffic Fine SMS notifications

    Is this a new thing? I just got my very first SMS from EMPD, kindly warning me that I'd been zapped for speeding on the R21 (*cough* airport *cough*), and helpfully including a link to a mobile-optimised (will the wonders never cease) website through which I just had to enter my ID number and...
  6. Foxhound5366

    Best pizza in Gauteng?

    For my submission, I just enjoyed this from Andiccio24 New Road (at the Big Bird filling station): Andiccio24 might still be a franchise (without a little Italian mama in the back), but they use proper fresh ingredients. Who has other good pizza recommendations in Gauteng (pref with...
  7. Foxhound5366

    Best OR Tambo Valet Parking Service

    Hey all, can anybody recommend (based on recent experience) a reliable and secure OR Tambo valet parking service? I've seen some horror stories about cars left abandoned in parking lots by these "secure services". And looking at every service's website I could find, they're all made by five...
  8. Foxhound5366

    Money saving tips for travelling South Africa - add yours here!

    So it's not easy saving money in SA, but I've discovered two pretty weird travel tips that might help others: 1) Did you know that British Airways frequently has cheaper flights between Cape Town and Johannesburg than FlySafair? It's true, I just confirmed it again on a flight I'm taking this...
  9. Foxhound5366

    Telkom Router comparison: D-Link G2562DG vs D-Link G2562DG

    So today I received the new 'free' router that Telkom is handing out with new installations: the D-Link DSL-G2562DG. It has four antennas and looks much wow: I was super keen to compare its performance to my 'old' two-antennaed router, the Telkom ... err ... wtf ... D-Link DSL-G2562DG: Ok...
  10. Foxhound5366

    Livestream | SpaceX Starship SN10 launch imminent

    Will it land, though. Latest launch time: 22:00 SA time.
  11. Foxhound5366

    Awesome YouTube doccie: the most extreme Lamborghini

    If you're a petrolhead, you'll love this Vice doccie: Japan, human drama and the most extreme Lamborghini I've ever seen.
  12. Foxhound5366

    Help me usability test my website please?

    So I've done this about a year ago (some good tips from you all!), with lots of new work in the interim, so I'd appreciate a few fresh eyes to see if you can figure out what this is and how it works with absolutely zero introduction. NB: you'll need to grant GPS location permission, but I am...
  13. Foxhound5366

    Optimate or C-Tek car battery charger?

    I had three flat batteries during 2020. So after my Polo has spent a week in the dealer's workshop being tested by a master technician, had a new battery installed AND had the car tracker technician out to analyse the unit's electricity draw ... with no faults ... my only conclusion is I'm not...
  14. Foxhound5366

    Have you dislocated a finger before?

    This should apply for both finger dislocations and sprains. Just a couple questions: 1) How long did it take to heal? 2) Can you remember if you had stiffness from the injured finger while it was healing? 3) Did you go to a doctor or just let it heal by itself? My ring finger was pretty badly...
  15. Foxhound5366

    Vodacom ShakeOff isn't a competition

    What is it called when you ask customers to exchange points (which they've earned through spending money) in return for a draw that generates puzzle pieces for puzzles with prizes attached to completion ... and then you you rig it so that only the limited people you select can win? Vodacom...
  16. Foxhound5366

    Beware "Fun Chat" fraudulent WASP

    At least Vodacom seems to be warning users of new WASPs these days. I woke up to this (the second SMS was after I deactivated the service through Vodacom):
  17. Foxhound5366

    (Netflix) The Queen's Gambit

    It didn't seem like this series has a.dedicated thread yet, and it totally deserves it. I saw a story about it being the most-watched series on Netflix and I couldn't believe it ... a limited series about chess??? It only has 7 episodes, and it's single-handedly creating renewed interest in...
  18. Foxhound5366

    Afrihost: Please supply better "free" routers

    This is an open letter to Afrihost: I think you're maybe shooting yourselves in the foot by supplying crappy free routers to your new fibre clients. The big disclaimer on this is that everything below isn't necessarily the objective truth (heck, maybe I missed some small print on your website...
  19. Foxhound5366

    Things I wish I knew about credit when I was younger

    Personal note: Before those sanctimonious people jump in here talking about how debt is a terrible idea, the reality is that most people in the world will need debt at some time just to make ends meet, or maybe just to afford that dream holiday that deliveries memories that are worth paying it...
  20. Foxhound5366

    Clover steals our cream, EFF does nothing.

    Come on Julius, this is an outrage! Where was the public consultation on this????