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  1. AntiThesis

    Unifi Bundle (USG + CloudKey + Switch + Enclosure)

    Item: Unifi Bundle (USG + Cloudkey + Switch) + Custom Enclosure Age: May 2020 Price: R6000 Warranty: Balance from Supplier (scoop) for USG + CloudKey. Switch came from Carbonite user crashy Packaging: Sure Condition: Perfect <3 Location: East London Reason: Changing to Mikrotik for infra...
  2. AntiThesis

    Macbook Pro 13" 1.4GHz, 8GB, 128GB, Silver with Incase Shell

    Item name (be very descriptive): Macbook Pro 13" 1.4GHz, 8GB, 128GB, Silver with Incase Hard Shell Age and condition: < 1 year (March 2020) - Excellent Do you include packaging: Yes - original Warranty: Yes, with PoP Reason for selling: No longer needed Price: 21000 Negotiable: No Location: East...
  3. AntiThesis

    Right to a statement of account

    So - got contacted via mail today by what appears to be a legitimate company talking about a fender bender someone had driving my car back in Jan 2018. Until today, as far as I knew, it had been settled by insurance and that was pretty much it. Today, I get an email saying the usual "SETTLE...
  4. AntiThesis

    iMac 27" as External Monitor for current MBP

    So, I have an old (late 2009) iMac 27" sitting here. I use it for some AV stuff but would like to play with it as a second monitor for my MBP 2019 (2 x Thunderbolt 3) - Is there anywhere locally that I can get the cables/adapters to actually link these things up? I gather that I need...
  5. AntiThesis

    Full List of zero rated ELearning Resources

    Hi guys, I'm trying to put together a proper list of all the ELearning resources that have been zero rated on various mobile networks for the duration of the lockdown. I'll then get that out to schools as soon as possible - I can reach the Eastern Cape schools easily enough, will see about...
  6. AntiThesis

    Any Retailers open during lockdown

    Had the great fortune (?) of starting a new job on the 1st and now have to use a Macbook Pro. The silly one with two USB-C ports and nothing else. So now I have to try and find a USB-C dock/hub before I lose my mind. Are there any retailers that are open during the lockdown period that are...
  7. AntiThesis

    Feeler: Photography Gear

    Item: Canon EOS 60D Age: Uknown - used Price: Offer Warranty: Nah Packaging: Nah Condition: Good Item: Canon EOS 550D Age: Uknown - used Price: Offer Warranty: Nah Packaging: Nah Condition: Good Item: Canon EOS 5D Age: Uknown - used Price: Offer Warranty: Nah Packaging: Nah Condition: Good...
  8. AntiThesis

    What would attract you to a position in East London?

    So, let's say for arguments sake, I was hypothetically looking for people for a large multinational - but the job was based in East London :giggle: and I was trying to figure out a good way to attract excellent talent :) Competitive salary, pretty decent benefits: Medical Aid Prov. Fund Gym...
  9. AntiThesis

    Telkom wants me to upgrade to a "wireless" home phone

    Anyone else had this? I'm suspicious but intrigued and want to find out more :)
  10. AntiThesis

    MacBook Pro 2012 (MD101) for spares

    Item Wanted: MacBook Pro 2012 (MD101) spare bits. Condition : Don't really care very much Packaging : Not fussy Location: East London but happy to courier Price: Depends on which parts are wrecked and which are functioning Collection: Yes Reason: Trying to get an old MD101 reasonably functional...
  11. AntiThesis

    SA Citizen Discounts at Safari Parks etc

    Just taking a look around at prices at places like Kruger etc and they're insanely pumped up (I presume to hit tourists) - I know there's the Wild Card that helps with entrance but the attractions inside aren't covered. Any places that do discounts for SA Citizens?
  12. AntiThesis

    What to buy (+- R11k)

    So, I have around R11k to spend on a camera and lens - any suggestions? I've had a think about the 60D and that's a possibility but I'm not opposed to good second hand gear - not keen on any of the xxxD or xxxxD range :) I have two Canon lenses already so I'm unlikely to go for Nikon or other...
  13. AntiThesis

    Rate the idea/site:

    So, this is a site that a friend and I have been working on. He's sitting in Boston so the time difference gets pretty hairy sometimes (no sleep for me!) :D It's basically the concept of Christmas everyday - you register, get three Giftees and send them gifts. At the same time, your name is...
  14. AntiThesis

    Local Government Elections 2011

    So, local Govt. elections happen in May next year. How many of you are going to go out and vote for someone? I know a load of folks certainly complain about the current people in power...
  15. AntiThesis

    Selling Property Privately

    So, here's the situation - could do with some advice from all you smart folks ;) We're selling our property and have it listed with an agent. She's brought people around for the last month or so but there've been no buyers so far. Then out of the blue a guy phones me and asks me about a...
  16. AntiThesis

    My camera fell off the balcony!

    There's no :cry: icon good enough for what I currently feel. My beloved 20D and my Sigma lens plummeted off my balcony just now. I decided to take photos of a FRIGGIN DOVE and when I put camera down on my chest the strap came loose. There's really not very much physical damage (on the...
  17. AntiThesis

    Texo Hosting is phenomenal

    Does anyone else host with these guys? I love it - like seriously. The level of support is huge, the packages are flexible and as powerful as you need 'em. I mean it's 23:44 and I'm receiving support within around 5 minutes of a request. I've just migrated all my sites (12 of them) over...
  18. AntiThesis

    TopTV Install Process guide - Read first

    Just thought I'd compile one of these so we can have a little clarity for folks :) Step 1 - Buying the stuff Buy your decoder from either Pep, House and Home or Game. At the moment (and until TopTV changes it) it's R499. In your box you should have: 1 x remote 2 x AAA batteries 1 x Decoder...
  19. AntiThesis

    My R260 car

    Has anyone noticed this little site that's popped up? I won't post the URL (though since it's South African I hope you can guess it) since I don't want to advertise it all over. Think it's legit? It's 3 years advertising which isn't bad for that kinda money and you get to help somoene -...
  20. AntiThesis

    Calling all IT people in Education

    Hi guys/gals A friend of mine works in IT and education (doing IT for a school basically) and is getting kinda mauled on the salary front. He'd like to ask for a raise but needs some supporting information. I've given him my list of duties and responsibilities along with nett salary and...