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    What is the perfect salary to be happy?

    Only your brain can make you happy, money is only a bargaining tool for goods and services.
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    Luno will restrict your withdrawal limits based on your risk profile

    Paypal has been doing this for years. There are entire forums dedicated to the subject.
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    Mini-substation worth R500,000 stolen a day after it was installed at a school

    The way the wires were disconnected make it look like they'll come install it again once they've been paid.
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    Will you be flying the "new" SAA?

    If the price is right, sure. It's a free market after all.
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    Expropriation without compensation - The end of the road?

    Taking things that don't belong to you is the african way. We have a string of northern neighbours where this happened. South Africa is just waiting it's turn.
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    Slain Gauteng health official was an SIU witness in PPE investigation

    I see you still offer nothing of value to this forum.
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    The Battery Thread (Solar / Inverter)

    +1 for NUC being a server, can highly reccomend.
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    Businesses can't legally mandate vaccinations - Sakeliga

    AA / BEE for the next 300 years, because Apartheid!
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    How Zoltan Miklos slashed his electricity bill

    Most of the average "power" users on have better, more well equipped and more importantly cheaper systems than the one quoted in this article.
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    Cool ideas vs Afrihost

    I think most FNO's are reaching the point of network stability now, except perhaps Frogfoot? I do find the bigger ISP's, like Afrihost, tend to have less "flaps" on their network as opposed to other smaller unnamed ones.
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    Phoenix killings: New data suggests Indians, homes were never the target in face of race killings

    I once met a news24 "journalist" at a bar. His tone of voice alone made me want to punch him in the face.
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    Surge in gun sales in South Africa

    Alot of countries won't let you have dual nationalities, so it becomes a choice between SA or whichever other nationality you're trying to keep the passport for.
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    Digi eye installations

    It appears to be an IR / Transmitter / Repeater