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    Post Office falling apart - can't pay bills, pensions not being paid into employee accounts

    Stop using them years ago, not for the long queues or lost packages it was for that attitude from the ppl behind the counter.
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    Weekend deals - Takealot tech mania sale launched

    Samsung A12 64gig - Takealot Special price (25% discount) is R 3198.00. Makro's normal price is R 2999.00
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    Toyota uncertain if it can continue to invest in KZN and South Africa

    It is a western world problem, we only order the printers to print more money
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    Rioters burn down LG factory in Durban

    Africa normal
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    Big screen TV specials - 9 July 2021

    The only slash happening here is the customer
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    DStv's plan to be the one-stop video entertainment shop for South Africa

    No matter what they offer at what price, treating them the same as telkom, saa and post office. will never use them even if they are the cheapest
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    Many cancelled DStv Premium subscribers will be back - MultiChoice CEO

    Aikona,nope,no,nee never en glad nie. They can go and fark themself
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    Corruption allegations inside e-tolls

    That's how we roll in africa
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    Telkom offers new platform to report corruption and fraud in the company

    Only two problems I can see, the word Telkom and local content
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    ICASA says SA Post Office must deliver parcels under 1kg, just not food

    Stopped ordering from China because of the PO's handling the parcels. Sick and tired to deal with unfriendly staff and missing parcels
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    New driver's licences for South Africa

    To much new fuel for the gravy train
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    The ANC struggling to pay salaries

    The powership-tender will sort that problem
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    Despite being insolvent, the SA Post Office wants to take on South Africa's top couriers

    PO is the only reason why I stopped ordering from Wish and AliExpress. Sick and tired of packages disappearing, and that attitude (while looking at the cellphone) of doing me a favor by serving me. They must just vrek, the sooner the better
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    How not paying your TV licence can impact your credit record

    Nope, nee, never, no, gladnie
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    Netflix gives R14 million to fund SA movies

    What is wrong with the ppl at Netflix, if that or any money touches the fat-oily-kentucky fingers it is gone into the deep pockets.
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    Solar power is much cheaper than Eskom - Expert

    Hand it over to the ANC, they will destroy it in no time.