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  1. Chiller89

    The iOS 15 Thread/Discussion

    7:00 p.m. SAST :)
  2. Chiller89

    Web Squad ISP

    Thanks @websquadza - something is still unhappy though, worked fine for a bit and now Google services appear totally unavailable again, (gmail, youtube,, all unavailable.
  3. Chiller89

    Web Squad ISP

    Yeah, looks to have recovered a couple of minutes ago. Appear to be able to get to everything once again. Will update if it flaps again.
  4. Chiller89

    Web Squad ISP

    Definitely not having the same here. BBC doesn't load any images from their CDN still, youtube same and video won't play Reddit is also totally dead. Quite a few other sites with the same issue as BBC, no CDN assets. Had a brief few minutes earlier where everything appeared to work and then it...
  5. Chiller89

    Web Squad ISP

    Any issues at the moment @websquadza? Seems international, unable to load for example, appears to return address unreachable for anything on their cdn even though the root address itself works. Traceroute to what appears to be their CDN url also dies at some point... Also can't...
  6. Chiller89

    Web Squad ISP

    @websquadza - something going on with international currently? Unable to get the AWS console login page to load and the status page shows the same behaviour, savage packet loss: --- ping statistics --- 74 packets transmitted, 28 packets received, 62.2% packet loss...
  7. Chiller89

    Apple Pay South Africa

    It prompts you when you add the card if you want it as default. But if you want to change it later: Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay > Default Card.
  8. Chiller89

    Web Squad ISP

    Ah ha! Should’ve checked first Quite right: Thanks [emoji4]
  9. Chiller89

    Web Squad ISP

    @websquadza - any issues known about with Octotel? Apart from the regular ones, flapped a bunch of times here, Octotel, Southern Suburbs, CPT. Red light on ONT when it goes down so looks like Octotel to me.
  10. Chiller89

    Web Squad ISP

    websquadza - not sure if it’s just me but I seem to have stopped getting emails from Accounts when an invoice is generated. Have to go to the portal to find the invoice. Not too important I guess, just a heads up, was super easy to forget to make payment this month.
  11. Chiller89

    Web Squad ISP

    @websquadza - Not sure if it's just me by myWebSquad portal is ultra slow this morning (like took about 3 minutes to load the login page) Assume something y'all are aware of?
  12. Chiller89

    iMessage activation issue

    Chiming in to say this has absolutely fixed the issue every time I've had iMessage not activate. Depending on what type of contract you may have to purchase airtime through your Vodacom account or something of the sort. I may be mistaken, but I don't think there are Vodacom contracts where you...
  13. Chiller89

    Docker / Kubernetes

    Having worked exclusively in Docker based environments for a few years, as well as primarily cloud based environments including Azure and AWS. And having worked with Kubernetes in production for a while, I think the first important step is to realise that Kubernetes and Docker are not...
  14. Chiller89

    Telegram - Auto-Delete, Expiring Invite Links, Unlimited Group Members

    You can mute people forever?
  15. Chiller89

    DNS without web hosting?

    Personally host my domain records in Amazon Route53. Currently 4x domains cost $2,30/month so R34,72 (got my invoice today) If you want to automate against your domain records, IMHO nothing beats R53, but obviously personal opinion.
  16. Chiller89

    Looking for a New Laptop

    This is the biggest question here. The very first thing I would do is check if it has an SSD, if not, get one big enough for the amount of space he has used, and clone everything over to an SSD. Not the best-of-the-best way to do this, but it will get him up and running on the SSD in the...
  17. Chiller89

    Great software which makes your life much easier

    I’ll add awk, grep and sed to this list [emoji1787]
  18. Chiller89

    Sage hit by major outage in South Africa

    Thanks so much for this list of alternatives! Just as a side note, Wave Accounting stopped signups for new businesses outside US and Canada after November 30, 2020. They are “refocusing” to US and Canada, so Wave is no longer really an option...
  19. Chiller89

    Web Squad ISP

    Yep also can’t get to most international sites. Octotel, CPT though.
  20. Chiller89

    Web Squad ISP

    Just had loadshedding end at 8:30, fibre been fine the whole time and now totally dead, red lights on ONT. Octotel, Wynberg CPT. Anyone else also down on Octotel? EDIT - turns out to be our whole block, looks to be getting fixed.