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  1. Chiller89

    2008 VW Golf CitiStorm - Low Mileage

    Make/Brand: VW Citi Storm (Golf Mk1) Color: Blue Year: 2008 Odometer reading: +-80900km Warranty: None Service history: Serviced regularly the entire time I have had it, +- every 10000km. I have proof of the last service done. Condition: Excellent Condition Extras: Alarm, Central Locking...
  2. Chiller89

    Sansui 32" Full HD LED

    Hi I recently purchased a 32" Sansui Full HD LED TV from Hi-Fi Corp. On the box and tv it has the model number STY1232, however I cannot find anything online about it, no reviews, manuals, advice or anything. Its not even on their site? Could someone shed any light on this? I simply want to...
  3. Chiller89

    Firefox 4 Beta 7

    Hi all I just wanted to say, I have stuck with firefox for many years, however the recent 4.0b6 version had an irritating problem where it would lag for a minute or two on every startup, so i ended up going to chrome, I just installed the Beta 7 and I am very happy with it! No more lag, thanks...
  4. Chiller89

    HP PSC 1613 Speaks Gibberish?

    Hi I have an HP PSC 1613 printer. This printer has been working fine for quite a while, maybe 3-4 years, but now whenever i turn it on or do anything with it. The screen refuses to display english and rather decides to display gibberish. The printer will still print, but will not display...
  5. Chiller89

    COD4 High Pings on Afrihost 4mb Uncapped

    Hi Just switched to afrihost 4mb uncapped. Ran with 19ms ping on Wage servers for the first few days. A few weeks ago switched to is. server and now my ping seems to stick at 200 + - on all SA. Servers. Im an avid gamer and need help ASAP. Thanks ps. Couldn't find thread relating so...