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    First Post - Is Cloud Gaming like 'Google Stadia' Available in SA?

    We have decent latency and bandwidth these days. At least in all major areas. I think it's just the gaming market size, and also how many can afford said decent Internet and bandwidth. I pay less than 1k for 100mb fiber, and last I ran a -ping on DOTA I was getting 1ms, although I'm sure that...
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    IEC's voting registration turns chaotic

    Guess I'm lucky. Did mine last night, got SMS soon after. No fuss at all. I use Edge browser though, dropped Chrome long ago. Not sure if that made any diff.
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    Anti-Virus - Home Users

    I guess if you're worried about ransomware? Otherwise Defender and common sense is fine as far as I know.
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    The METAL Thread

    Who remembers these guys? Or even knew them back then? Surprised they're back lol Fun fact for those who don't know, lead singer is Jonathan Davis' half-brother. You can hear the similarity.
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    The METAL Thread

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    Daggerfall 25 years old

    I still recall the screeching sound of the skeletons in the dungeons :) Epic game.
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    South Africa’s affluent are struggling to pay off their home and car loans

    That's barely middle class. Strange to call that affluent IMO. A R450k car is a bit excessive but 1.2m bond is like a very small 2 bedroom house in a standard area, definitely not even with a double garage. (I recently went through the process). Hell even the small 2 bed apartment signs you see...
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    Non-Vaccination brag thread

    Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
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    South Africans in video games?

    Oh snap I was just posting about this as well, missed your post :) I really enjoyed the older Jagged Alliance series. Pity it died after BiA.
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    Plot to force South Africa to its knees on 23 August - report

    If they're smart, they will arrange it the day after. When people least expect it and everyone relaxes too soon lol.
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    Cloud storage - G Suite So the gotcha here is even if you sync a portion of the library, the entire library object count including the portion you're not syncing seems to affect the...
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    Cloud storage - G Suite

    Ah no not file services. I think that is indeed intended as a solution for File Servers/Shares. But the other cloud services (OneDrive/GDrive/Dropbox), they were never intended as a replacement for File Server Shares (particularly the centralized sharing aspect). They are designed for single...
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    An argument in favour of stricter gun control laws in SA

    The context is about how removing legal firearms will not produce the desired outcomes. The UK knife post you were responding to looked to be an attempt to echo that sentiment only. AlanB's post thereafter to you was also to highlight the same sentiment. You chose to ignore the leading train of...
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    Cloud storage - G Suite

    I wouldn't generally recommend using these cloud solutions to replace a file server, apart from maybe SharePoint Online (Even then with some caveats). I could probably write a bit of an essay as to why. But it's your funeral :) Primarily, think backup compliancy and permissions. And then also...
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    An argument in favour of stricter gun control laws in SA

    I just read what you said, and you sir are the one in the wrong. You're the one who mentioned the handgun banning in the UK/false equivalence as an argument in a thread about gun control in SA. You got called out for it, now you're on the defensive calling everyone else stupid. Meanwhile back...
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    Azure pricing change on 1 September for SA

    Microsoft generally comes into its own when you use its ecosystem more extensively. Teams collab, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Azure AD, Azure Compute/Services/VPN, Compliance/Security, Endpoint Protection, Intune/MDM, Power BI, Licensing etc. etc. all work together. For single instances...
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    Asus ROG Phone 5S Pro launched - with 18GB RAM

    Or everyone should just do this and be done with it...
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    Cape Party launches bid for Western Cape independence

    From lobbyist "pipedream" talk to actual political involvement at the polls. At least it's moving forward. Whether they will get the support they need, I'm not sure. But good on them for taking the risk IMO. People are desperate for something positive, some hope, that we all know the rest of...