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    Help me understand S&P 500 EFT's

    So I am trying to understand this. I invested in two ETF's, the Satrix S&P 500 and Sygnia S&P 500. The same amount, same time - about a week ago. Sygnia has lower fees. Both are up. Satrix is higher at the moment, about 1,1 percent more that the Sygnia fund. Why ?
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    Improve Wifi coverage

    I currently have the Vuma CPE plugged into a very old TD-W8970 Tp Link. The Wifi is rather flakey, so I was wondering if this cost effective action might be a solution: Switch off the Wifi on the W8970 and plug in a dedicated access point like a WA901N. Will the access point contain better...
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    Wifi loses internet connection

    Anybody that maybe can advise me what can be the problem here. I have a TP-Link router connected to the CPE. At least once a day, all the devices connected to the WIFI will report "no internet connection". The signal itself remains strong though. It resolves itself during the next maybe 10...