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    Lightbulbs flicker occasionally - power frequency spikes to 70+ Hz

    There's a loose connection upstream of you that's causing this. The brief interruptions caused by this are confusing your multimeter frequency measurement algorithm. You need to get an electrician to check it out. The power system frequency of 50Hz is fixed throughout the Southern African...
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    The Audi Thread

    My 2011 A4 had aux as standard. My 2015 A4 had AMI as standard. Both were Ambition spec level. I don’t know if the basic Attraction spec had either.
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    The Audi Thread

    The Bluetooth interface is only for phone calls. My 2015 A4 came with Audi Music Interface, so I bought a Coolstream Pro Bluetooth adapter and the AMI to Apple 30 pin cable. This adds Bluetooth audio functionality. Works well for music and podcasts. At the time I found the Coolstream adapter...
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    Telkom totally down in welkom, anywhere else?

    No they haven’t. No throughput on mobile and less than a megabit download speed on a 200Mb fine line in Pretoria east. Upload is fine so that suggests they’ve lost some major backbone capacity somewhere.
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    Openserve confirms free fibre and ADSL speed upgrades for ISPs

    I'm with a Telkom as an ISP. I was never downgraded back to 40Mbps after the free three month lockdown promo put me on 100Mbps last year. There I was thinking that my line would stay at 100 until I ran a Speedtest a few minutes ago. Now I know why the call I was on around lunchtime was...
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    El-Cheapo UPS Battery replacement: Can I use Lithium (LiPo)?

    I’m looking to replace my SLA as the current one is busy dying again after 12 months and am considering a LiFePo4 replacement like the BlueNova with a built in BMA. My setup draws 6A from a 100Ah battery when the power is off, which is fine for loadshedding stints. However, with Tshwane power...
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    Something odd is happening on Telkom's mobile network

    Both my kids have Telkom prepaid SIMs in older iPhones. Both go offline repeatedly - No Service - and have to be rebooted to come back online. We live < 300m from a Telkom cell. Since they are mostly on WiFi, they don't really care, so I can't be bothered to navigate Telkom's wonderful...
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    Novel CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Updates & Discussion

    When i landed early on Thursday morning from Dubai, there were two people at the gate with hand held temperature scanners, over and above the normal one at the entrance to the passport queue. It doesn't make sense though as they will not pick up anything in the 14 day window.
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    SA citizen, dual citizenship, arriving with expired SA passport

    I’ve been doing it for 15 years since the rules were changed allowing travel with a foreign passport and have yet to be asked. Even when I arrived back from Dubai 4 weeks ago with a single exit stamp in my new ZA passport from when I left two days before, I was not asked.
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    Telkom is discontinuing free wifi

    Not a great loss. Wherever it was available, the usability was close to zero, so I would switch to mobile data anyway.
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    New Head/Ear phones.

    The JBL E55BT is not the most robust design and does not wear well. The earpads are glued in place and tear if not handled delicately. My daughter destroyed a set in well under a year by using them every day. The sound is sculpted though they sound ok for the price. The Sennheiser HD4.40's...
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    2019 BMW 3 Series (G20)

    I saw some on a car transporter on Monday. Looks like an Audi from behind. It took a little while to realise it was the new 3 series.
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    iPhone Battery Replacement Turnaround Time

    I took mine into an iStore on 10 Jan (Saturday) and got it back the following Friday. It gets couriered to the Core repair centre and back. You also have to accept the quote from the repair centre before the replacement happens. They do send emails at each step in the process, so you know...
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    iPad2 charging socket repair

    Try Ifix in Menlyn Park. They are next to Incredible C. They successfully replaced the power button on my iPhone 4S when it broke after I dropped it.