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  1. Murmaider

    Apple Watch Series 7 launched

    I been holding off getting a smartwatch and am rather disappointed in this series 7. I think I'm rather going to get myself the Garmin 6X Pro
  2. Murmaider

    South Africa joins the US in approval of Covid-19 pill study

    Interested to know if anti-vaxxers have something against this pill, or if it because its in a pill form they don't care now all of a sudden?
  3. Murmaider

    Covid-19 vaccination mandates must meet stringent legal requirements - expert

    I really don't understand this anti-vax drive thing... If the vaccine was in a pill form and called a name like "Covi-med or ivermectin" people would be popping them like sweeties, but just because it's called a "vaccine" and is administered as a "Intravenous injection" people are all now uppity...
  4. Murmaider

    Study for promising early-stage Covid-19 treatment published

    Not to mention giving an SSRI to someone with bipolar will trigger a manic episode in most cases. I also don't think it will play well with people on chronic NDRI's or SARI's. (I know for certain it doesn't with me).
  5. Murmaider

    Defence Minister - South Africa requires special force to deal with public violence

    I don't understand why we need a "new force" - The army is doing stuff all as it is, why can't they be trained to deal with this and we can actually save some money for a change rather than coming up with new things to blow the money we already don't have, on.
  6. Murmaider

    Checkers Rush - New checkout-less, queue-less concept store

    Didn't the pilot this during the recent looting?
  7. Murmaider

    No ransom paid in Transnet attack - Gordhan

    as if they had the money to pay the ransom in the first place.
  8. Murmaider

    South Africans in the poorest 40% of the world - Mike Schussler

    We are literally watching the idiocracy movie play out in South Africa
  9. Murmaider

    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 4

    Yeah I also had packet loss and lag issues again last night (Sunday) to wow, I'm still sitting with a 5% packet loss on (I'm on vumatel)
  10. Murmaider

    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 4

    Yeah I'm having insane lag spikes and 300ms to the EU wow servers (it's normally 167ms) @PBCool
  11. Murmaider

    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 4

    My internet has just borked out (Vumatel / Weltevreden Park) - getting like 90% packet loss
  12. Murmaider

    Do you want a free VPS? - Always free - from Oracle

    You can safely use iptables without a wrapper (even csf in cpanel uses iptables as the backend). I find it far easier when creating geo ip filtering rules or working with any custom iptable modules. Just remember to pair it was ipset if you working with a large number of ip addresses.
  13. Murmaider

    Vox Fibre Feedback

    Yeah, it's even affecting our DC connectivity to international through Vox.
  14. Murmaider

    Big specials on ultra-large TVs in South Africa

    These prices don't seem very "slashed" to me. I bough the same LG 75" 4k tv last year september for R19600 from macro not on special, it's now R19 999 on a "slashed" price
  15. Murmaider

    Looking for VPS with Angola cables peering

    Hi @Genisys , We ( offer VPS's and we have direct peering with Angola cables: # traceroute -T traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets 1 ( 0.172 ms 0.139 ms 0.135 ms...
  16. Murmaider

    WhatsApp privacy policy battle brewing in South Africa

    Why will POPIA not work in South Africa?
  17. Murmaider

    These are the common items the SA Post Office wants private couriers to stop delivering

    I'm happy to pay an extra R10 on every orders if they give me a complimentary brick with it. Davespiracy #342 - The government wants to intercept electronic device delivery so they can load their own spyware on it. :laugh:
  18. Murmaider

    Standard Bank launches services status page

    A news article to tell us that standard bank took out an account with (we use them, its awesome). Nice!