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    Top 10 most popular programming languages in the world

    Where's the most prolific language of them all, HTML?
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    Your Raspberry Pi Projects

    If you want to run other stuff as well, Ive been using a program called "motion" for years that can just run on Raspian along with other programs.
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    Your Raspberry Pi Projects

    You could give this a go: IIRC booting from SSD is in beta for the pi 4. Pretty sure any SSD would do, but Im a fan of Samsung SSD's.
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    PS5 Officially Revealed.

    Thats the PS5 Pro limited edition for extra $$$$$.
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    If you invested R100 in these companies at the beginning of this year, here is how much you'd have now

    I bought a few grand in Top100 via the FNB app (fastest I could do it) when everyone was panic selling. Top40 which is the heaviest weighted is up like 19%, the other 60 companies are in negatives. All in all up quite a bit of money (relatively speaking).
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    Repo rate cut by 50bps

    I think the biggest saving you will get will be from deflated prices due to the bad economy, so even when the rates go up you should still save long term. It all depends on your risk appetite. As an example, the house I bought a few years ago was bought by the previous owners in the 2008...
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    Repo rate cut by 50bps

    Unless you take a fixed rate (which usually has some fat added on by the bank so not usually worth while) your lending rate will also fluctuate. Now might be good, or it might get even better later on if/when the economy implodes. We will never really know what the future holds so if you...
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    Request : List of games which have South African servers

    Used to play Crossfire back in the day, and Warzone, IIRC. Think we jammed bounce as well. Epic times.
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    New all day Unlimited 4G R479

    I have 10Mb fibre and watch fullhd Netflix. 10Mb should be fine. Only issue is they might try to throttle traffic. In that case get some form of vpn and it might help. EDIT: Looks like @Gtx Gaming has mentioned it helps to get a VPN.
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    Google is pulling out of its free Wi-Fi project in SA

    Probably just grabbed as mutch data as they could for a demographic that they wanted info on. Total speculation, but this was probably the plan all along.
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    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    Opening up a whole can of worms here asking about mouse and KB :D Whats your budget? Do uou want mechanical or membrane.
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    App / website to get kids started on IT

    Id say check out the raspberry pi foundation. It was started as a goal to get more kids into coding. There are many tutorials, using scratch or python. Think this might be a link:
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    Im stuck,I failed maths yet again

    As @phoneJunky mentioned they now have an "open model" for applications so you can apply at any time. Whether you can start beginning of 2020 is something only they will be able to answer. I advise going into their nearest office to you, if possible, if you have a question. Seeing as you...
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    Im stuck,I failed maths yet again

    Chin up, man. This too shall pass even if it doesnt feel like it. If youre up for it you can try doing something like a BSc Informatics at Unisa. You might get credits off because its got a lot of overlap with the Computer science degree, minus the math...
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    Router Battery Backup

    I have an eaton 5E 1500i. IIRC you can turn the beep off via its software, but I do it via a Rpi Zero thats hooked up to it and running NUT. The issue is the settings are reset if the ups is powered down, hence my little Raspberry pi running a cron job. I also use it to serve a little site...
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    Programmer Laptops

    This is a pretty good deal for R10k: You could then just later add in an SSD, perhaps another 8GB RAM and youre golden. Like...
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    Best router to purchase for under 6k

    +1 on this. Have a similar setup thats been a dream for 1.5 years. RB750GR3 an Unifi AC Lite Access Point.
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    Best places to get a laptop (I'm a writer who quit my job and am going freelance)

    If you can stretch your R10k budget a tiny bit to add an ssd, this looks like a good deal: Otherwise get an i5 with intel 8th...
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    What type of insect/bed bugs are these

    Spray Fendona. Will kill basically all insects. If that doesnt help youre farked.
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    Major D-Link security flaw - Check if your router is affected

    Nice. This is the exact reason I dropped Tplink in favour of something like Mikrotik. You get regular updates. Pretty sure there are security holes in many more consumer routers because they never get updates, but these things are just never announced.