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  1. Murmaider

    Oakley Capital Sellling Webpros?

    Article here - WebPros = cpanel, plesk, WHMCS and more
  2. Murmaider

    Absurd cPanel license price increase

    Oakley Capital, the holding company for cPanel, WHMCS and Plesk has sent out an email yesterday evening detailing their new pricing increase on cPanel which is moving from a per vps or per dedicated server fixed cost to a per account basis. The cPanel website is currently being DDoS'd, as soon...
  3. Murmaider Epyc VPS

    Hi Guys, We have soft launched our new Epyc VPS offering which is based on the AMD Epyc platform. We have done a lot of performance tweaking to this, however we would like some honest feedback from members on this forum who currently utilize VPS or Cloud servers. If you are interested in...
  4. Murmaider

    Vumatel Weltevreden Park

    Is it just me or is vumatel having an outage in Weltevreden Park tonight since the storm?
  5. Murmaider

    [Restored] - downtime 17/10/2018

    Hi All, We have experienced a in rack switch failure which is affecting our shared hosting, reseller hosting and our website - we are currently in the processing of replacing the switch. - No ETA yet, I will keep you updated Regards, Dave @