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    Wanted ‐ Huawei B818

    Hey all, Anyone selling a used unit or know where to get a Huawei B818? I have hunted high and low, seems no one has stock.
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    Lockdown technically ends tonight?

    For the legal eagles here, Technically, the Government have until Midnight the 15/08/2020 to extend the Lockdown (state of emergency). Now my understanding is, if they do not by then, there is no lockdown come 00:01 16/08/2020. Meaning it's a free for all again? Or am I wrong?
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    Icasa has expropriated our spectrum: Telkom "Telkom said 27MHz of the 40MHz allocated under the temporary spectrum rules was already assigned to it and was therefore not available for allocation. It explained that it has 60MHz in the 2.3GHz band...
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    Domains 'DDoS'

    So, I am looking for recommendations here please. Every other day as of late, Domains are/is being hit by alleged 'DDoS' attacks. Looking for a reliable VPS provider who supports Custom ISO's. If anyone can point me in the right direction, most providers do not list if they support Custom ISO's.
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    Regional Outage KZN/EC/WC 16/08/2019

    It would seem Telkom Mobile Data is down, I am not sure about calling and SMS Both the Home Network and Roaming seem to be affected. KZN and Eastern Cape both down for me. @rpm @Newsfeed
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    Telkom Coverage Map

    Does anyone have a clue how often Telkom updates their fixed access section of the coverage map? Last Saturday and Sunday our POTS and DSL services were down, exchange had a bunch of vans parked outside, I being me could not resist and ask one of the technicians what's happening. He said they...
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    Too good to be true? Uncapped LTE Seems they use the MTN Network Uncapped LTE: R599 No Contract, Month to Month 24/7 Premium Uncapped Once Off Sim Cost & Activation: R299 Courier Delivery to your door R200 / Postnet to Postnet...
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    RAIN fixed LTE, no more double data?

    So I wanted upgrade one of my RAIN fixed LTE SIMs and got this message? If you upgrade or downgrade you lose the double data now?
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    Eskom Stage 5 to 8 load shedding added to Schedule

    Wonderful stuff, this move does not give us much hope, if Eskom has amended the schedule to allow for higher load reduction Stage 1 - 1000MW - Short Stage 2 - 2000MW - Short Stage 3 - 3000MW - Short Stage 4 - 4000MW - Short Stage 5 - 5000MW - Short Stage 6 - 6000MW - Short Stage 7 - 7000MW -...
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    Eskom’s coal stockpiles deteriorate further It is going to be a Dark Summer :rolleyes:
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    Telkom Mobile Down?

    Anyone else have Signal but zero throughput on the Home Network and Roaming 3G+LTE at the moment?
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    Vodacom is not 4 me.....

    I have updated my credit card details on the V4ME site for the 4th time in the past six months. All because I moved banks. Right now for the life of me I have no idea why V4ME every now and again resets itself back to my old banking details, Which means the debit order is returned followed...