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  1. GrootVoet

    Fight over Amazon Africa headquarters in Cape Town could cost 15,000 jobs

    This was planned already before COVID, don't see that they will have that many people working on site at the same time as a lot will be WFH.
  2. GrootVoet

    The DA is in total crisis.

    I see they predict that the DA will get like 18% of the votes, ANC 49% and EFF 14%. The EFF's growth properly comes from the ANC but I don't see how that can be possible for the DA unless they lost more than 10% of their votes to the FF+ and Good Party which seems high.
  3. GrootVoet

    Fight over Amazon Africa headquarters in Cape Town could cost 15,000 jobs

    We don't need jobs, lets rather preserve where some dude 500 years ago slept under a bush.
  4. GrootVoet

    New special task force officers boost SAPS elite unit in fight against serious crimes

    What the big deal here? We used to have MANY special units in the SAPS until some idiot decided they not needed.
  5. GrootVoet

    SA's R109-billion spending crisis

    "government still struggling to find R109 billion to spend on critical expenses, existing commitments, and budgeted costs" Surely this will not stop them from coming up with more k*k ideas to steal and waste our money.
  6. GrootVoet

    Looters remorseful as daily life gets tougher

    And if given the opportunity again they will do it again in a heart beat. They simply don't have the mental capability to understand the outcome of their actions. The reason why they keep voting for the ANC.
  7. GrootVoet

    Newlands Rugby Stadium to be demolished - reports

    A lot of history and nostalgic but not nice to watch rugby at Newlands. Parking is a issue, the amenities are old and lacking. A new stadium will give a nicer experience. Still sad to see is it go.
  8. GrootVoet

    How rare and expensive medicine and medical issues will be covered under the NHI

    From a army to be proud of to a army that on it's knees in less than 25 years. They like to buy expensive toys and waste money on luxuries while they having starving troops. What a joke.
  9. GrootVoet

    ANC looks to sell assets to settle salary disputes

    Wonder what happened to Cancellor House? They made a killing via Hitachi share holding on the new coal stations. Can it be that the ANC is claiming poverty while secretly hiding funds?
  10. GrootVoet

    How rare and expensive medicine and medical issues will be covered under the NHI

    The reason we have private healthcare, public health care sucks because it will always be run by corrupt politicians. Ramaphose words where not even cold when he told us with a straight face NHI will have checks and balances in place before the Minister of Health is found with his hand in the...
  11. GrootVoet

    No more bailouts for state-owned enterprises

    Yes, infrastructure investments, nice way to get hands on pension money.
  12. GrootVoet

    No more bailouts for state-owned enterprises

    As long as SOEs are run by cadres they will need bail outs because cadres only knows how to steal and waste.
  13. GrootVoet

    Who South Africans would vote for if elections were held tomorrow

    The masses will continue voting for the ANC and continue to suffer. You get what you vote for and it servers them right to live in poverty without hope.
  14. GrootVoet

    MyBB'ers in the Netherlands

    Seems like the Netherlands has become the new go to destination for SA IT people. Over the past few months about 6 ex collogues moved over. Interesting a lot of them are in their late 40's but all highly skilled.
  15. GrootVoet

    IEC to approach court to ask for local government elections to be postponed to 2022

    Very interesting times, some comments and some questions. Comments The ANC is not good at governing how do we expect them to be good at the admin of running a political party. We as citizens can totally expect it from a party that has missed some many deadlines over the years, simple ignoring...
  16. GrootVoet

    Ramaphosa is looking for ways to restart South Africa’s economy – including vaccine passports

    You forgot about building a SA Wakanda and the super fast trains.
  17. GrootVoet

    Government to introduce stricter BEE rules for South African businesses in 2022

    And I refer you to and the reason why we are ****