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    Router Battery Backup

    I have no complaints thus far - has worked seamlessly during the load shedding. When we had 4 hours of power cuts, two lights were still lit on the battery gauge. The included adapters also made this a simple plug and play solution. As a matter of interest, where did you order from? Doesn't...
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    Apple Pay South Africa

    Also have an iPhone 7, coincidentally also with a battery replacement done at Sandton Drive last year...successfully tested Apple Pay today. I was prompted to set up Apple Pay when I logged into my Discovery App - seamless process for the card to appear in the Wallet. At the store earlier...
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    Apple Pay South Africa “According to Visa’s Country Manager for South Africa, Aldo Laubscher, the intention was to have launched Apple Pay in South Africa by the end of 2020. He continued by saying that “it looks like it will probably be late in the quarter or early...
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    Router Battery Backup

    If there's a quick and easy way to measure the output of the Cube, happy to oblige with some guidance from yourselves. Alternatively (if you're in JHB), you are welcome to connect your devices to the Cube and see if it powers on. ONT should be fine but seems that the router is uncertain. Both...
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    Router Battery Backup

    What ONT / router do you have? I have the standard Afrihost-supplied D-Link 825 and the Vumatel Huawei ONT connected to the Ellies Cube for a couple of weeks now. Worked seamlessly during the recent power cuts and haven't noticed any negative impacts on performance.
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    Router Battery Backup

    This was my rationale as well - a simple plug and play solution with all the necessary cables and connectors in one box to keep the internet connection going. Also didn't want to fiddle with POE and searching for the correct cables / adaptors. The Cube has worked seamlessly during the recent...
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    Anyone else at the wits end with Afrihost's WhatsApp support?

    I was very critical of the Afrihost support at the beginning of lockdown - 45 minute wait to speak to someone, non-existent Whatsapp support, etc - which I have posted about on MyBB before. But things have improved greatly in my experience. Had some issues a few weeks and I was dreading to...
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    Router Battery Backup

    R1,450 as per the Ellies FB page: Scroll down to their post on 27 January. At the store they said it's on special, but I didn't ask what the normal price was.
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    Router Battery Backup

    So I bit the bullet and bought it...had a couple of important video calls last week and Ellies wasn't too far: A lot smaller than I expected (still need to tidy up the cabling) - Comes with two 1 meter DC-to-DC cables, a couple of adaptors (used one for the ONT and one for the router) and a 1...
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    Wanted: DDR2 Laptop Ram

    Still looking for this RAM? I found the following while clearing out some stuff: Two sticks each. The Transcend still seems to be sealed. No idea why I didn't use it. The other one is in a 2GB Kingston pack - must have done a 1GB to 2GB upgrade at some point and the kept the old sticks...
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    Router Battery Backup

    I came across an Ellies 105Wh Cube Mini Connectivity Power Pack ( - advertised at R1 450 via their Facebook page. Brief specs: "The Cube Mini is the perfect Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) designed to charge your handheld devices and keep...
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    Haircut Machines

    My "go to" machines are: Philips Pro Clipper Series 5000 ( Bought it a few years ago from Makro for about R500 when it launched and still going strong. Very quiet and use it every two weeks. It came with a spare set of blades that I still haven't...
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    FNB Private client vs Private wealth

    Similar story on my side - downgraded to Premier recently from PC. When I compared the two options, the additional "benefits" on PC didn't justify double the fee (R400 PC vc R200 Premier) for me. And the Private Bankers didn't add much value over that last couple of years that I was on PC...
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    Discovery Vitality 2020

    Quick question - am I correct that without the Discovery credit card, the Vitality Healthy Living cash backs are limited to 15% and paid into your normal bank account? I hardly use my Discovery card so considering cancelling it and getting the cash backs paid into my FNB account.
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    Wifi repeater/range extender

    I got the Powerline AV500 kit, but think there is a newer model. Also very easy to set up. I created the new network with the same name but just added "Ext" at the end and used the same password. I didn't see much of a difference using surge protectors. What affected the speeds more was...
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    Wifi repeater/range extender

    I had the same dilemma - also oldish wiring and a newer extension, so wasn't too sure how it would work.. Managed to find a D-Link Powerline for about R500 at Incredibles, so gave it a try. Works well and no reduction in speeds. I did move it around a bit - some plug points and multiplugs were...
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    4.5mm to 5.5mm DC jack convertor

    Hi All So I bought a DC Jack to USB-C Converter ( for my Dell laptop, thinking I'll be able to plug the charger into the convertor, then into the dock together the HDMI, etc, which I'll then connect via a single USB-C cable to the laptop. Problem is that...
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    Logitech MX Master unavailibilty in SA

    I've also been searching - no luck. I see the MX Master 3 is also out, so waiting patiently for stock to become available in SA.