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  1. webyep

    MTN signal between 11 PM and 6 AM

    So I've noticed something strange with MTN's signal in my area. Between 11 PM and 6 AM(to the hour), my SINR is +27 (speed is greatly increased). Any other hour and SINR fluctuates like crazy (between -5 and 16). RSRQ and RSRP seem unaffected, just SINR. When I was on Vodacom I know that their...
  2. webyep

    How does one tell if a tower is 5G or 4G

    Hi guys As mentioned in the title. How does one tell if a tower is 5G vs 4G? For example the attached image. Cheers Webyep
  3. webyep

    Vodacom Business LTE - Browsing issues

    Hi there, Is anyone else experiencing issues with browsing? I can't get to the following: The support line via voip is very weak as well. Cheers webyep
  4. webyep

    MTN tower location

    I'm trying to locate the tower I'm connected to. My RSRP, RSRQ, and RSSI are great, but SINR fluctuates like crazy. SINR goes from -5 to +8, to -1, to +15, etc I've positioned my antenna to point in the direction that gives the best RSRP and RSRQ. How can I determine the location of the...