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    How to cancel Mweb hosting?

    Hey guys, I need to cancel my Mweb hosting contract and move my domain somewhere else. I've tried emailing like 5 times since beginning of December. Obviously no reply other than the automated response they send. Feels like I'm dealing with Telkom here.. Anybody have experience...
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    Huawei Fusionserver Rh2288h v3

    Hey guys I'm trying to get accessories for my Huawei fusionserver Rh2288h V3. I've contacted Mustek and they don't sell server parts for Huawei servers. Contacting the Huawei South Africa call centre is a waste of time. Who is the distributor for Huawei servers in South Africa?
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    Johannesburg Seacom VPS

    Does anybody know which JHB based VPS providers sell VPS's that have international connectivity provided by Seacom? Feel free to PM me.
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    Clientzone: HTTP 429 Too Many Requests - Please try again in a minute.

    Is it possible to fix this error? I get this error 9/10 times whenever I try do something in the clientzone portal.
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    Cell C mobile data mostly unusable lately

    My Cell C mobile data has been largely unusable lately. Full signal, 0 throughput, 80 gigs left on my prepaid package. Anybody else experiencing issues?