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  1. HartsockZA

    Co-op 4 player Horror Game

    Phasmophobia It's an absolute blast I pooped myself. Worth the R100 on Steam play with friends or record your experience.
  2. HartsockZA

    Unions file urgent court application to block job cuts at SAA
  3. HartsockZA

    Bloom Energy

    So no one talks about Bloom energy so I wonder would it be a possible solution for South Africa and the renewable market? I mean their new "Server Cabinet" can power around 200KW/H which if I am not mistaken if your average South African home consumes around 6KW/H with one box you could supply...
  4. HartsockZA

    Pretoria Community WISP

    Hi Everyone, We are a smallish team of amateurs network guys looking at getting a community-run WISP started for Pretoria. I know most of you have other connections via fiber or LTE but these connections are expensive and aren't quite conducive to people that are cash strapped but still need...
  5. HartsockZA

    Just doing some Research into WISP's

    Need some help, if anyone with an idea or works in a WISP environment please do share your input. Much appreciated. So What Happens if say for a moment someone builds a 5Ghz Ubiquiti network and through this network provide consumers access to the internet. What sort of licenses does that...