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    Medical Aid: would going through a broker be beneficial?

    Hi I am looking to sign up a hospital plan with Discovery (probably - still deciding). I was wondering if there's any benefits to going through a broker? Or is it better to call Discovery directly? Thanks!
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    Gautrain vs Uber from Park Station to OR Tambo tomorrow(Public Holiday)?

    I've never used the Gautrain before, and I heard that Uber drivers can get harassed by taxi drivers, though I'm not sure how common that is. My wife and I are arriving at Park Station by bus at about 5PM tomorrow (25th Sep) and it's a public holiday, so according to the train timetable there...
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    Where to buy a Razer Blade Pro - or if I import.. can I get it serviced here?

    I'm interested in this laptop: It's $3699 so a very hefty price.. and I might get it from the USA. My question is if I have any problems with it, does Razer have a local presence that can help me out.. or am I stuck having to ship it back to...
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    Telkom did something weird to my line..can't log in with any ISP

    I have 2 lines in my home, both under one account. An old line on 4mb adsl, and a newly installed one on 10mb. I called on Thursday to cancel the old 4mb line completely.. and was very specific about which line to cancel.. and even had them repeat it to me. They said it'll be done in 2 hours...
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    Mweb Cancellation timing?

    I'm considering swapping to Crystal Web for all the good I've been hearing about them. I'm currently on Mweb uncapped premium. I see after logging into my mweb account on their website, that there's a cancel button for the adsl account. So if I cancel via the web interface now.. will that mean...
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    Telkom can't fix a simple thing? I'm syncing at 2 & they can't change it back to 4??

    Hello everyone :) My line has synced solidly at 4Mb for about 5 years now, no problems (except during really heavy storms, where it sometimes drops and resyncs) - but in the 5 years, that's happened only a few times. Otherwise, it's perfect, and my SNR stats are all very good. About a...
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    Best form processing scripts?

    Hi web developers, I have been using form mail to process all my forms on my websites. I've been testing my forms vigorously and getting other people to test the form on various platforms and browsers. I find that every now and then, the form will appear to have...
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    Lead and Gold (free to play on Steam this weekend)

    Check this vid out, the gameplay looks fun, sorta Red Dead Redemption meets MW2. Free to play this weekend on steam. I'm pre-loading now. It's 1.4gig.
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    Need advice for an unusual MTN upgrade scenario lol

    Hey guys, I'm putting some money together to buy a bunch of nexus ones, (3 so far lol) for myself, my gf and her sister. So, apart from selling both mine and my gf's old contract phones, my gf is due for an upgrade at the end of this month from MTN. So I'm looking for advice on what phone to...
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    Awesome service from!!!!

    I've been shopping around for an AMD Phenom II 955 and an Asus M4N78 Mobo and I got a great deal here! I have shopped at Landmark PC and Digital Addiction which both had great service though Crowntech was by far my best online shopping experience. Check out the...