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    Nigerian-born man cannot benefit from BEE Act, commission finds

    If neither you nor your forebears suffered discrimination under the old apartheid regime then you do not qualify for BEE, regardless of your colour or current citizenship status. If you were naturalized after 1994 and you had not lived in SA pre-1994 then you're not BEE compliant.
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    SA mom a suspect in killing of 3 children in New Zealand

    It would unfortunately be applicable if the move is what triggered the murders. If that's the case, the children would have been safer staying in SA
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    Fight over Amazon Africa headquarters in Cape Town could cost 15,000 jobs

    Amazon does not own most of its offices, it prefers to rent rather than own. This will be the same scenario here, Amazon is not building anything and will not own anything. It will rent offices that a property development company is busy building. So for all those thinking that this is a chance...
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    Possible scam pc store: Tech Global

    If you paid with a credit or cheque card (Visa / Mastercard / Amex etc) you should be able to issue a charge-back and get your money back. Contact your bank for details on how to initiate this process. If you made an EFT/ cash / other type of payment then you're unfortunately SOL.
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    Luno will restrict your withdrawal limits based on your risk profile

    Most financial institutions won't provide clarity around any anti-fraud measures they have in place. What they should have though are clear, straight forward processes allowing users to prove that transactions are not fraudulent so that they remove these limits.
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    Luno will restrict your withdrawal limits based on your risk profile

    Based on the info given in the article I can understand why Luno imposed limits on the client. If he's made no transactions in the past month and then all of a sudden wants to move all his crypto, that would be anomalous behaviour which could signal potential fraud / hacking / scamming and so it...
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    Van Damme and Steenhuisen at loggerheads over her resignation as an MP

    She resigned, saying that her new job (the one where they would be combating misinformation etc) needed her to be impartial therefore she couldn't belong to any political party. At that point none of the Twitter messages has been posted. She posted after Steenhuizen said that she left the DA...
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    Van Damme and Steenhuisen at loggerheads over her resignation as an MP

    I think you mis-read her statement. It seems she'll be involved in a misinformation monitoring and combating project which is being rolled out during the elections. In order to be non-partisan, she can't be a member of any political party and therefore resigned. There was no linkage to...
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    Soldier's 15-year legal fight to have swimming rule scrapped fails

    I'm not sure whether the reluctance would have been due to an inability to swim or if it was related to jumping 15m to the water. I'm a good swimmer but would be extremely hesitant to jump 15m into water due to the height.
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    What it was like to work at AWS in South Africa - two former employees

    I'm surprised that you're surprised by this, and I'd be really shocked if what you lost was 55%. RSUs (and other types of share options that other companies offer) are taxable income and so will be taxed at your marginal rate (which is at most 45%, not 55%). Bonuses / share options / RSU / other...
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    Simone Biles addresses her critics after stepping back from Olympic Games

    That's exactly what she did. Add a professional she knew how to bail out (by not attempting it) but you seem to have an issue with this. She made a professional judgement call to not continue, what's so difficult to understand about that?
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    Simone Biles addresses her critics after stepping back from Olympic Games

    Watched 75% of this and deeply regretted the waste of my time. He's couching his personal opinions in phrases such as "I wonder if ..." and "maybe ..." to try and drive a narrative that Biles has been using Ritalin for performance enhancement and it's ban in Japan is the cause of her withdrawal...
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    Simone Biles addresses her critics after stepping back from Olympic Games Turns out Kerri Strug Didn't actually need to do the second jump for her team to win gold, they'd have won it regardless Was pressured into doing it (mostly by her coach), she didn't want to. She was in sufficient pain that...
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    AMD EPYC VPS Beta Testers Required - Round 2 - More awesomeness

    Would also love to be included in the beta testing
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    F1 2021: New season discussion and chat

    Valtteri was not in a position to chase down a win for the team at Silverstone. I don't see it as a slap in the face, just a statement of facts.
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    F1 2021: New season discussion and chat

    I don't see what the issue with this statement is? Lewis was demonstrably faster than Valtteri at that point and he was catching up to him. Valtteri could have tried to fight Lewis for the position, which would have slowed Lewis down and worsened the condition of both their tyres. Lewis would...
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    Bill Cosby to walk free after court overturns sex assault conviction

    All the other accusers had reached the statute of limitations. To add to what Dave said In 2005 the prosecutor did not have enough evidence for a conviction in a criminal court Raped lady probably did not have enough evidence to win in civil court (which has a lower evidence bar) Prosecutor...
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    Apartheid racial classification laws scrapped 30 years ago

    I'd like to point out that BEE does not discriminate on the basis of skin colour but on the basis of whether you or your forebears were in SA and their racial classification pre-1994. There are plenty of black Africans (and other races) who are citizens or permanent residents of South Africa and...
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    Deputy President David Mabuza off to Russia for a medical consultation

    Please help me by providing proof of this. As far as I'm aware all BEE/AA legislation treats blacks, Indians, coloured, Chinese etc the same. If you qualify for BEE/AA then you have the same rights.